China with Rae: 中山,Guangdong (IV/IV)

[07-08/16] Zhongshan, Guangdong is where I spent most of my childhood and where the majority of my extended family lives. Seeing it as my second home, I make the effort to visit there at least once every couple of years when spring or summer break rolls around. During my month of travelling in Asia this summer, I went back for about 2 weeks- the second and last of my trip.

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ohana means..

[07/31/16] I am still in Zhongshan right now and after a fun, relaxing day with my fam, I’m convincing myself to sleep so that I can wake up early tomorrow to workout. The overload of calories I’m consuming isn’t gonna burn itself. 😛

It was a typical day of sleeping until I feel waking up (basically 8 because breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and it would take lots for me to skip it), eating delicious food with my fam, doing random things to kill time in between meals of more delicious food, chilling with the phone/ comp/ TV..

Speaking of chilling with the phone/ comp/ TV, there was definitely a lot of that today.

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Taiwan with Rae (I/IV)

[07/08-07/14/16] So what have you all been up to? As you may or may not know, I spent 5 (and a half) days travelling in Taiwan and I’ve just returned to my hometown in China. And with that said, here’s the travel blog post to wrap things all up~

I am lost for words to describe the past week. It was my first time travelling alone and my first (real) time in Taiwan. [I bracketed real because I’m pretty sure I’ve made transfer flights to China via Taiwan, although those trips are definitely foggy in my memory.] Stepping outside of high school, this trip to Taiwan was also my grad trip!Read More »

be still.

Recently, I had the chance to finally engrave the bracelet that I received a a graduation present from my dear Aunt Lisa, Uncle Louis and Cousin Aimie. Which by the way, was such a precious gift, so thank you for your thoughtfulness. ❤

Prior to engraving it at the store, I have been contemplating for weeks about the message I want on it. A quote? A bible verse? A special date? I had no clue what I wanted! Of course on top of that, there are character restrictions. Then there’s font styles, symbols, letter cases.. too many options for such an indecisive person.

In the end, I went for this short and sweet reminder.

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Seattle ’16

[05/31/16] Grandpa Rae came to visit Mama Rae and I in May and he flew back to China just last Thursday. But while he was with us, we took him out to lots of places. It’s interesting that last time he came, I was only a toddler, and this time around I had my high school commencement!

I also always find it fascinating to be a tourist in your own city, because I grow in appreciation each time for the beautiful place I’m so blessed to live in.

Mama Rae took him to Las Vegas for a couple of days prior to our trip to Seattle, but I couldn’t go due to school. However, I jumped on board for a day-trip to Seattle.

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