Thai Chicken Apple Slaw

Honestly I don’t think anyone can beat me when it comes to procrastinating.. I put together this recipe and made it back in May and I only got around to writing the post now. xD Anyways, it’s a quick easy Thai Chicken Apple Slaw that I think would be a refreshing meal (or appetizer to share) to enjoy as the weather is warming up. (: Like I always say… better late than never right? (; 

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Pumpkin Avocado Muffins (VE)

Ever since moving into Mama Rae’s new apartment, I’ve been spending a great deal of time in the kitchen. Why..? I finally have access to a big oven so my fascination with baking rekindled! At my old house, I only had a small conventional oven, so whenever I baked, I always had countless batches. Christmas baking was rather time consuming. 😛 Anyways, now that I got into healthy eating and living, I’m exploring and experimenting with new recipes! This one for pumpkin avocado muffins is one that I reinvented, taking inspiration from PopSugar’s recipe. I know what you’re thinking.. pumpkin? It’s not even Halloween! And with avocados? Yuck. Trust me though, its quite delicious!

Avocado Oats w/ Poached Egg

It’s no secret that I love oatmeal.. both sweet and savoury! In fact, I find the savoury equally as delicious, but it’s so underhyped! When I was left with a pretty much empty fridge the other day, I happened to render up this unique combo. After trying it a couple times, I announced it as my signature dish, haha. It’s so simple to make that you hardly need a recipe, but I thought I’d share with you guys the idea for whenever you’re in need of a quick, filling meal. Many of you from Blogilates and Instagram also asked me for one, so here it is for those of you. c: Don’t turn away from the green, I swear it’s delicious! 

Overnight Oats

Recently I talked about oatmeal with some of its nutritional information and meal ideas in my Oatmeal 101 video, and here’s another way to eat them.. overnight oats! I’m sure you’ve all heard of it by now, it’s a pretty popular recipe. Well, who wouldn’t love waking up to an already prepared breakfast that’s yummy, hearty, and healthy? It only takes a few minutes the night before to make, requiring very few ingredients (that are totally customizable), and will give you a great boost of energy for the day! Your excuses for skipping breakfast are no longer valid. 😛

Tuna Stuffed Peppers

Here’s a quick, easy, protein-packed recipe… Tuna Salad Stuffed Peppers! Aren’t they so cute? Haha everyone thought so when in fact, they took absolutely no effort. I’ve been seeing tons of stuffed pepper recipes floating around with fillings like ground beef, turkey, quinoa.. but as much as I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, some days I’m just lazy and don’t feel like cooking. That’s when the idea of filling it with tuna salad came to mind, and it worked out great! There’s a nice contrast between the soft, warm bell pepper and the refreshing tuna salad with bites of crunchy veggies. (: