review | water street cafe

Water Street Cafe is located in the heart of Gastown across from the iconic steam clock. This Pacific Northwest restaurant with Italian influences has been established for nearly 30 years.

The restaurant has recently changed ownership as the previous owners have retired, and the team is re-engaging withe local community in this new chapter. I was graciously invited to have dinner along with a friend (shoutout to my girl Valerie for coming with me!) at the restaurant and to learn more about their space and specialties.Read More »


Lik N2 Ice Cream

[05/17/16] Lik N2 is Vancouver’s first liquid nitrogen icecream shop, and they’re having their soft opening right now. Until Friday, it’s 20% off, and I came here yesterday with 3 of my friends.

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[03/14/16] Since I’m craving dessert but am stuck in bed with my recurring cold (yes, I had a cold last week, got better, but then sick again D: ), I thought it would be a good idea to look back at my old food pics and do a blog post. I was scrolling back to spring break, when I hung out with Pami. On the same day that we brunched at The Warehouse, we went to Styo to satisfy her parfait craving, and here is my long overdue review!Read More »