Course Review: UBC 2016W (Year 1)

I recently completed my first year as a LFS student at the University of British Columbia, and as I am scrolling through forums and blogs for information on year 2 courses.. I thought, hey why not make one for the courses I took in the first year? If any prospective UBC LFS students, or any UBC students, have any questions or concerns at all, I would love to help!

LFS (Land and Food Systems) branches to 3 major streams- Applied Biology, Global Resource Systems (2nd year entry) and Food, Nutrition and Health (the program I am currently in)- each with a variety of majors that students can apply to in later years. Currently, I am working through the first 2 years of the FNH major calendar, as well as the Dietetic pre-reqs. With that said, my academic calendar comprises of the basic faculty courses (LFS, FNH), art electives and plenty of science courses.

My first year looks a little different than most of other FNH freshmen because of my AP transfer credits. Also, there are changes to the FNH academic calendar that have also been implemented for the upcoming 2017/2018 year. Either way, I hope this review would help even just one (confused) student, and give a better overview of what to expect in the first year.

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first year

[04/30/2017] I am anxiously refreshing my ssc grades summary page for the reveal of my past 4 months of blood, sweat and tears. (jk :P)

Freshman year was a swift and sweet 8 months of new adventures and people. It all began with apprehension and uncertainty, but looking back now, I do see growth, experiences and definitely so many wonderful memories along the way.

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2016 new year’s eve chitchat (ft. GoG results)

[12/31/2016] I apologize for being MIA for the entire month of December.. The first half of the month was mad finals prepping, whereas the latter half was fully occupied by my seasonal job. Overall, it was a pretty crazy month!

But on this last day of the year, I thought I’d make a quick post to wish you all a very happy new year! And finally wrap up my Gift of Giving fundraiser on the blog.

The Results

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 5.50.32 PM.png

In the month of November, we raised $1102 together for the children of South Sudan! It was not only the best celebration for my 18th birthday, but more importantly, a celebration of transformed lives for the South Sudanese children. I wholeheartedly thank you for your immense support and generous donations throughout my fundraiser. It wasn’t just once or twice when I felt discouragement or disappointment, but the success and meaning at the end of it far outweighs the negatives. You all humbled and inspired me with your willingness to give and your compassion. And for that, I am truly grateful.

Praise the Lord for all His grace and blessings in 2016! 

To end this short and sweet post.. Happy 2017! May the new year ahead be full of joy and wonders.

<3, Rae

The Birthday Gift of Giving

[11/02/2016] Hi everyone! My birthday is at the end of this month and this year, I wanted to do something different. However, I need the help and generosity of you. (Yes you, don’t run away.)

I will be pledging my 18th birthday meaning that instead of gifts, I’ll be collecting donations for a cause. After hours of research, I set my focus on South Sudan with HOPE International Developmental Agency, a local non-profit organization that I’ve had the chance to collaborate with previously.

My fundraising page:

My campaign specifically fundraises for clean water, education and hygiene training for the children in South Sudan, a very meaningful cause to me. $150 provides one child with full access to clean water, hygiene training and education, but donations starting from just $25 can help change their lives completely.

I would truly appreciate it if you could support me, whether it’s through donations or prayers.. Anything you are able to offer would be amazing.

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how’s uni?

I’ve been away for the past week or so for a highly predictive and recurring reason.. school. Except, it’s no longer high school that I’m dealing with, but a transition to a brand new start at university. Gasp.

And as I am stepping into this new realm of learning, I get asked one question very frequently.. “how’s uni?”. Not only by my parents and my family, but also from younger friends, older friends, and friends who are in the exact same shoes as me. With much in mind, I decided to throw it all in a blog post. Read More »