Cali Dream

It has been 2 months since my last post! Taking a year-round course during a half-semester summer session was quite the work load. But now that summer school + course registration is out of my way, summer vacation officially begins!

In about two weeks, I will be backpacking for the very first time with my best friend. We’re still getting our itinerary worked out but meanwhile, I shall share with you my short trip to California earlier in May. Much late. So procrastination.

This trip was both exciting and troubling because it was my first time travelling with friends! And for my friends, it was their first time travelling without family. We planned the trip in the short break between the last of winter session’s exams and the start of the summer semester.

Trip Logistics

  • May 3-11
  • 4 friends
  • budget of $1500 / spent $1465 (CAD) 
    • flight: Westjet ($316.90)
    • accommodation: Air bnb
    • transportation
      • Uber
      • megabus from LA -> SF
    • food: combination of splurging & cooking
    • shopping: minimal [only one pair of Minnie ears for the festivity xD]

While this wasn’t an entirely budget trip, we offset some costs by cooking at home (vs. eating out), taking a coach between the two cities (vs. flying), staying at air bnbs (vs. hotels). But at the same time, we commuted comfortably, lived well and freely splurged on noms. Putting aside the plane tickets, our biggest expenditure during the trip was accommodation, followed by food and the 2 days of tickets to Disney. For me, it was my first financially independent trip, so I certainly did learn a thing or two on finance/ budgeting. 😛


(Day 1-3) We took an early 8am flight straight from YVR -> LAX, then got an uber ride straight to our Airbnb in Anaheim. On the first afternoon, we explored Downtown Disney. The next 2 full days were dedicated to Disneyland and California Adventure Parks.


Los Angeles

(Day 4) We left in the morning of Day 4 and arrived in time for brunch at the long-awaited Cafe Gratitude. We trekked away the rest of the day by foot, exploring the (surprisingly empty) streets of the Art District and downtown LA. Grand Central Market was our last stop for some grubs.


(Day 5) The highlights of the day are Hollywood Walk of Fame, the scenic Griffith Observatory (lalalanddd) and a view of Los Angeles from above. Oddly enough, it was a very cloudy day which later turned into pouring of rain. (We then took shelter at The Grove.)

view from Griffith Observatory


(Day 6) Beach day! We explored Santa Monica at the Pier, the famous end of Route 66. California surprised us with weather that was cooler than it was in Vancouver, but we refused to give up our Cali beach vibes. At midnight was our coach from LA to the next city, SF.


San Francisco

(Day 7) We arrived early next morning in a new city, the one I was most highly anticipating for this trip.


Our checklist for the day: Coit Tower, Lombard Street, SF Ferry Building and many many piers and hills. Strolling the SanFran streets was a legs day workout in itself.

(Day 8) A trip to San Francisco isn’t complete with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. I didn’t know what windy was until that day- 2 steps onto the bridge from Fort Point and halfway up Twin Peaks gave me this revelation.

FullSizeRender 10


The full 360° view of bay area from above left me in awe.

Twin Peaks (from Christmas Tree Point)

(Day 9) SFO -> YVR

A full week of relaxation and a fresh breath between the uni stress went by just like that.

Disney was a magical place and a reliving of childhood. LA was a real life movie in front of my eyes. And San Francisco, a small, hilly and mesmerizing city. Beyond seeing all the landmarks and eating away all the best (plant-based!) foods were lessons learnt, friendship built and precious memories made.

<3, Rae


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