first year

[04/30/2017] I am anxiously refreshing my ssc grades summary page for the reveal of my past 4 months of blood, sweat and tears. (jk :P)

Freshman year was a swift and sweet 8 months of new adventures and people. It all began with apprehension and uncertainty, but looking back now, I do see growth, experiences and definitely so many wonderful memories along the way.

>> the initial nervousness and excitement of Imagine Day where I met my first friends and swam through an ocean of people and clubs down Main Mall.

>> the first round of midterms where I fell ill and barely stayed awake in the exam halls. thank you Tylenol and Kleenex.

>> Firsts, where I grew in community and pride with my faculty, bonding with even more LFS students, both in first year and upper year mentors.

>> the #struggles of balancing work, school and commuting in between that gave me an initial taste of independence and an authentic sense of responsibility

>> chem 121 labs that frustrated my clumsy self.. but brought me the company of my ubc best frand. (;

>> and then there was the experience of commuting 5h for lectures and camping for finals in the midst of snowstorms. oh finals, how stressful and sleepless were the nights spent in the Vanier and Orchard commons.

>> January was when I met Agora and my Thursday afternoons became oddly therapeutic and stress-relieving afternoons of tilling, sandwich-making, recipe prepping, dishwashing

>> the $5 3-course dinners at WND that not only filled my bellies with yummy veggie meals, but also gave me an excuse to share my love of healthy eating with friends outside the faculty.

>> having my Tuesdays off to go cafe-hopping, having some quiet alone time, take pics and prepare myself for the rest of a busy week

>> the opportunity to start a plant-based, healthy eating mini club in the biggest food club on campus and being able to bond with a group of veg-loving individuals.

It was a difficult transition and I was constantly urged to step outside of my comfort zone. But I am thankful for my freshmen year which taught me, among many things, the foundation of perseverance, acceptance, patience and humility that I will continue to build upon. I thank and praise the Lord for the people and opportunities that He placed in my life during this past year, and for His grace along the way.

Freshmen year, you will be missed.






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