GoG: Week 2.5 Check-in

[11/21/2016] There’s only 8 days until the end of my fundraiser for the children of South Sudan..

Fundraising page: www.hope-international.com/rachelbirthday

I haven’t been in touch with the staff at HOPE International, and I presume that they’re quite busy on their other projects.. With that said, the online transaction problems have not been solved yet. It is slightly hindering to the overall flow of the fundraiser, but the amount of support and encouragement I receive far outweighs the challenges.


But just when I was about to reach a plateau of disappointment, on the edge of letting go of my goal to raise $750, God gave me a wonderful surprise. I made a Facebook update last night announcing 55% of my goal reached, which hasn’t changed for quite a few days.. However, only a couple of hours ago.. I noticed that my online donation had a sudden 23% boost, and my progress went from 55% to 78%! Praise the Lord for stirring up so much generosity and kindness in the people around me. I am completely humbled but uplifted.

Screenshot 2016-11-22 00.34.13.png

Note that the fundraising thermometer only account for the online donations.. so along with my cash donations, we’ve raised well over $575!

But as I’ve tried to always emphasize.. it’s not about how much you give, but how much you’re willing to. So whether that is through donations, sharing, or prayers, whatever you’re able to offer is enough and deeply appreciated.

To donate: www.hope-international.com/rachelbirthday

To read more about my cause, check out my previous blog post!:  https://momentswithrae.com/2016/11/02/the-birthday-gift-of-giving/

Got a 9:30am class tomorrow so I better go back to finish off some readings and get ready for sleep.. Talk to you all very soon!

<3, Rae


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