GoG: Week 1 Check-in

[11/12/2016] Hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend, I sure am! I promised to post updates on my fundraiser for South Sudan on my blog, so here’s the Week 1 check-in. (:

Fundraising page: www.hope-international.com/rachelbirthday

Week 1 was admittedly pretty tough. Not only were we experiencing many technical difficulties (payment problems, mobile site problems..), but in the midst of trying to spread awareness for my fundraiser, I was also madly studying away during a stressful midterm, assignment-filled (& election) week.

On a brighter note though, I’m done my midterms! ALL my midterms for Year 1 Sem 1!! Rainbow, the project manager from HOPE International, have also been working with me ever so patiently, and we’ve got most of the issues fixed now. The only major problem left to solve is the Visa Debit payment method.. and we’re still investigating why it’s not working. However, CASH AND CHEQUES are accepted! So if Debit was your only option for online payment, please do not let that stop you from donating. (:


I felt slightly discouraged throughout the week because there wasn’t a whole lot of response in terms of donation.. and there was also some hard criticism regarding the cause and organization I’ve chosen. But I guess it’s always interesting to hear from other perspectives, and more than ever, I’m extremely grateful for the incredible support from a few sweethearts. (; ❤

Screenshot 2016-11-12 11.44.42.png

As of today, I’ve fundraised $218.This is non-inclusive of the cash donations, and if I include everything, we’re well over 30% of my goal achieved! We’ve already raised enough to help one child in South Sudan, so thank you thank you thank you!! And let’s keep going. 😀

That’s all for today, I’ll be back next weekend for my next check in!

To donate: www.hope-international.com/rachelbirthday

To read more about my cause, check out my previous blog post!:  https://momentswithrae.com/2016/11/02/the-birthday-gift-of-giving/

Have a beautiful day.

<3, Rae

PS- “GoG” is pronounced like “Goji”, like the “Goji” berry. :3


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