The Birthday Gift of Giving

[11/02/2016] Hi everyone! My birthday is at the end of this month and this year, I wanted to do something different. However, I need the help and generosity of you. (Yes you, don’t run away.)

I will be pledging my 18th birthday meaning that instead of gifts, I’ll be collecting donations for a cause. After hours of research, I set my focus on South Sudan with HOPE International Developmental Agency, a local non-profit organization that I’ve had the chance to collaborate with previously.

My fundraising page:

My campaign specifically fundraises for clean water, education and hygiene training for the children in South Sudan, a very meaningful cause to me. $150 provides one child with full access to clean water, hygiene training and education, but donations starting from just $25 can help change their lives completely.

I would truly appreciate it if you could support me, whether it’s through donations or prayers.. Anything you are able to offer would be amazing.

Why water?

Water is not something we think very heavily on, and we definitely take our access to clean water for granted. But can you imagine how it would be like to live a day without it? We go about our days using (and wasting) water without much consideration, when in fact, water is scarce for 663 million people on the planet. Their lives are in jeopardy.

Each day, these 663 million people have to walk 5 miles to fetch murky, polluted water that will inevitably make them sick and commonly lead to death. For children in South Sudan, it is giving up their community, their education and their future.

We’ve never been through days of thirst, but these children have suffered from drinking dirty water, and even lost their friends and loved ones.

Clean water can change lives. It frees people from water borne diseases and hunger, and it delivers health, education, community, and self-reliance. Clean water will break poverty and help people thrive.

Why I’m Doing This.

The first encounter I’ve had with the water crisis is volunteering for Run of H2O (2014), a local fundraising event for a campaign called Gwatermala that fundraises for clean drinking water to Guatemala. I have also been invited to HOPE International Development Agency’s annual dinner & film premier for 2 years (you can see my posts for 2015 and 2016) now, and all these events have been very moving and enlightening to me.

Growing up, I’ve been ignorant of the severe issue of global poverty. These special events not only have they brought to me more knowledge and awareness, but they also inspire me to reach out and help.

Why I Need Your Help.

Here is a quote by Eugene Cho, the founder of One Day’s Wages, another incredible non-profit group.

We can’t change the entire world, but we can impact the world of many and in the process be changed ourselves.

I find this message so empowering. We’re not capable of changing the world, but the difference we can make is significant. Every life matters.

Take note of the pronoun he used though. It’s not I, but we.

Fighting global poverty isn’t something you or I can do alone. And that’s why I need the support of each and everyone of you!

My Goal.

This campaign will run until the end of November. My goal is to fundraise $750 by my birthday (Nov. 25th), and this will provide 5 children with full access to clean water, education and hygiene training. And that’s the best birthday gift I can ever ask for.

I think know we can do it!

I’ll definitely do my best to post updates on my progress as frequently as possible as well.

Some Resources..

To learn more about HOPE and their work in South Sudan:

To read more about the importance of clean water, hygiene and sanitation:

An informative animation about the water crisis by charity:water-

So friends and family, I encourage you to be generous! But please be assured that every dollar and every prayer you give is enough and valuable.

Feel free to also private message me if you have more questions!

<3, Rae


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