how’s uni?

I’ve been away for the past week or so for a highly predictive and recurring reason.. school. Except, it’s no longer high school that I’m dealing with, but a transition to a brand new start at university. Gasp.

And as I am stepping into this new realm of learning, I get asked one question very frequently.. “how’s uni?”. Not only by my parents and my family, but also from younger friends, older friends, and friends who are in the exact same shoes as me. With much in mind, I decided to throw it all in a blog post. 

Stressful. Confusing. Overwhelming.

There’s so much to do, so much I don’t understand, and just so much going on in general. While everyone seems to be on top of their uni game, both socially and academically, there’s me who’s compensating my sleep and social life to study and still trying to find the bathrooms of each building I have classes in. (And water fountains oh dear, I’m actually so dehydrated.. ==) My introverted nature already makes it challenging to adjust to the uni culture in a social aspect, and on top of that, I have grades and work to look after.

I’m just gonna be straight up honest and admit that I already had several mental breakdowns. It ain’t even midterm/ final season yet.

My transition into college wasn’t smooth, but I wonder whose actually is. Being enrolled in IB, mini school, or other intensive prep programs is a different story, but as for students from a regular public school, university is like entering a whole different world. It went from summer mode one day, to BAM. university the next. Highschool, which was a breeze, honestly cannot compare to how much bigger and how much more university has to offer.


Because there’s so much more in university, this makes for a very special, thrilling time. Everything is so new.. new people, new environment, new opportunities and an overall new start; it’s all very refreshing. I haven’t met too many people yet but the new friends and mentors I’ve acquainted with so far are all very diverse and knowledgeable, and I cannot wait to meet many more like-minded individuals. Clubs day(s) is only a few days away, I’m so ready to get involved!

I’m really looking forward to see where God plans to take me on this new chapter of my life, perhaps one of the most important ones.

And I’m beyond grateful. 

In the midst of pressure and worries, I’m very thankful for here and now. My friends (old and new), family and church group have been so very supportive, and they might not even recognize what a great positivity they’re providing me. If you happen to be reading this in between your busy schedule, I want you to know how much I appreciate having you in my life hehe. * slight cringe*

A week ago, I would’ve just ended the post with the whole “stressful. confusing. overwhelming” rant, but at the most perfect timing last week, God reminded me through a cell group discussion how privileged I am. School should not be a source of stress, as much as it is a source of inspiration and a reason to be grateful. From then, He established in me a renewed motivation to keep grinding, and He continually reassures me now that I am capable. Because I can do all things through Him who strengthens me (Phil 4:13).

That definitely goes for school as well.

Photo 2016-09-14, 9 19 04 PM.jpg

Sending you my biggest blessings on your studies, work, and other amazing endeavours!

Talk to y’all soon.

<3, Rae


2 thoughts on “how’s uni?

  1. Go Rachel! I was kind of pouting and sad when I read the first part, but I’m so glad you are making that adjustment. Don’t forget (as cliche as it sounds), that you have SO many people who are willing to help you if you have any questions. Never be afraid to ask. How is everything on the food front?


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