starting september strong

That’s an alliteration! How poetic of me. Now may I please pass first year uni?

Okay I’m kidding..

Anyways, with September and a brand new school year (yikes!) starting, I thought it would be a great idea to set out some goals. In the past, I’ve always looked forward to fresh starts such as this (whether its a new month, new season, new school year, new calendar year etc.), but I tend to get mentally bogged down by all the things I want to accomplish and end up returning to my old routine instead. I think it would be much more efficient to set out precise goals and make constant efforts towards them, however little the steps may be.

Reflecting upon some of the goals I’ve made, there are definitely things that I’ve succeeded in and some others that I’ve totally forgotten about. To start off, I’m making it a goal to continually look back at at these goals and work on them. Ahah see what I did there? (;

Hopefully this will inspire you to create some goals for the new school year as well, but for the most part, it’s just a way for me to document my personal objectives and keep myself accountable.

Here, I’m outlining general goals with specific things I can do right away.

(A) Vocational

  1. Be involved– join 1-2 clubs and commit to them (P2C, Kwave? :P)
  2. Diligence– attend all my lectures & labs… lol.
  3. Study– find my study spot
  4. Work– yeaah.. go.
  5. Time management– use my calendar app & planner

As the school year spans, I’ll probably set a goal GPA as well. We’ll see how I will handle the level of difficulty in my courses first.. D:

Photo 2016-09-02, 3 37 41 PM

(B) Relational

  1. Meet new people– LFS First; clubs
  2. Stay in touch (with old chingus)– birthday/ holiday gatherings, Tuna bingsu, karaoke/ food + fun squad
  3. Family– try to eat dinner at home as much as possible; Thursday nights

    Photo 2016-08-22, 4 46 59 PM

(C) Personal

  1. Food– prep breakfasts & lunches; #bakingwithraeomi
  2. Fitness– workout at least like twice a week? (let’s just be realistic ahah- pilates, dance, zumba)
  3. Finance– use savings account; tithe (finally!)
  4. Blog– keep up with at least 3 posts a month
  5. Leisure– practice piano weekly

    Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

(D) Spiritual

  1. Daily relationship with God– QT; start reading devotionals
  2. Prayers– conversational throughout the day; that list; Matthew 5:44
  3. Church– maintain the weekend priorities !!

    Photo 2016-09-01, 4 44 02 PM

(E) I don’t know what to categorize this as?

  1. No to procrastination– aiya this is on every single one of my goal lists/ resolutions.. do the dishes; clean the crib regularly; the homework ain’t gonna do itself
  2. Build patience– with the people in my life and with God
  3. And as I just acquired from the recent conference.. keep my eyes on the Lord and only Him. (refer back to (D))

Another texty personal post but that’s it for now! What are some of your goals?

Wishing you all a fun and blessed school (or whatever you’re pursuing) year ahead~

<3, Rae


2 thoughts on “starting september strong

  1. I think I need this on my wall above my desk! “do the dishes; clean the crib regularly; the homework ain’t gonna do itself”

    Also, the filters on your photos are beautiful!

    Also also, what are P2C, Kwave, and LFS? 🙂


    • Ahah that’s so relatable! I actually didn’t use any filters, its just a blur hehe.

      LFS is just the abbreviation for my faculty (Land & Food Systems). P2C is Power to Change, a campus ministry, and Kwave is just a kpop club. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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