the last on hs

Let’s not forget the morning bus we took every morning as we rush out the door late; the crappy, overpriced cafeteria food; the liberating 3:02pm last school bell; the crammed lockers; the terrifyingly crowded hallways in between classes; your squad’s claimed lunch territory.

Let’s not forget the piles of textbooks and papers laid strategically across your table; the deadlines we completely missed; the dead silence of the library during exam week; the group projects we stayed up finishing ourselves; the dreadful essay you proofread over and over again before submitting.

Let’s not forget that one unreasonable teacher who taught us how reality is; and the amazing one whose class made us enjoy learning for once. And let’s not forget the classmates that suffered the same classes with us- our company in misery as the homework piled on.

Let’s not forget the person who first broke your heart- from them we have discovered a part of ourself we never knew existed, to them we’ve given a heart so raw and innocent, with them we created so many beautiful memories; then we learned a few important lessons, and we learned to protect ourselves.

Or the people who have hurt us in other ways- who poked scars we later mended, revealed weaknesses we strengthened; they toughened us up as we pushed past their criticism, and they helped us realize the power of forgiveness.

Let’s not forget those we call our friends- those who have been through all the ups and downs with us; laughed with us, cried with us; who we spent every birthday dinner, holiday gathering, summer adventures with.

Let’s not forget our parents who provide us with all the basic necessities and a home to return at the end of each day; who at times may be extremely strict, overprotective, stressful- their intentions we now understand as all for our good.

Let’s not forget our God, who was by our side to guide, heal and love us through this chapter; who will always continue to be with us.

Let’s not forget high school, the years of our juvenescence.

<3, Rae


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