3 Days of Hong Kong (II/IV)

[07/20-07/23/16] My trip to Hong Kong was a last minute decision, without much research or plan. Living 2 hours away by ferry, I hurriedly booked my ticket, packed my suitcase, and headed off to see what I will discover.

The back story of why I chose to go to Hong Kong is quiteeee interesting. 😛 At first, it was just to visit my friend for his belated birthday. However, I was unable to snatch tickets to Bigbang’s FM in Zhongshan so when I saw that seats were still available in HK tour dates, I seized y chain. Thus, my original one-day trip had extended to a 4 day vacation.

At this point, I may just sound like a typical fangirl.. but that was where my next adventure begins.

Day 1: Food & Mall Crawlin’

I took an early 9:10am ferry over to Hong Kong, and arrived around 11:30 at China Ferry Terminal (中港城). There, I met up with my friend, aka my Nephew (he’s not actually my nephew btw xD), and he took me on a full day of food and shopping.

Started off with some dimsum at Tim Ho Wan (添好运) near Olympian City Mall! This place is a Michelin-starred dimsum restaurant and they’re known for their made to order, freshly steamed dimsum, as well as their cheap, affordable prices.

Hong Kong’s busy streets, malls and metro stations.

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Avenue of Stars (星光大道) in Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙咀).

Skyline by Harbour City (海港城)

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Dinner was fish noodle soup (鱼汤米线) at Yu Mai (鱼米)

I met two girls at the hostel in Tsim Sha Tsui who were gonna be my roommates for the next few nights, and we went around to explore the late night Hong Kong. We returned with some yummy drinks and fun conversations with more new friends!

It was great meeting you all, although we didn’t get a proper pic together.. I hope we meet up again and travel together very soon!

Day 2: Diving In

Started off early with a breakfast at Cafe de Coral (大家乐) with the hostel fam. (: It’s a popular fast food chain in HK, opening up early for the working crowd.

Then, Jocelyn JJ (my bunk mate!) and I headed to Ocean Park.

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The shuttle ride to the park came with some nice views

The two biggest amusement parks in Hong Kong would probably be Ocean Park and Disneyland. Having been to both though, I would definitely pick Ocean Park over the latter. JJ got us both admission packages from Taobao for around 300 RMB. A great discounted deal that includes entry tickets, gondola rides, and meals!

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Although we arrived to the park before the opening hour of 10am on a weekday, there was already a big crowd waiting to enter. It’s a popular place for both locals and travellers, and especially for families with kids or just children at heart like us. :3

The rides were honestly so intense and uncalled for! I thought this place was for kids and my thrill capacity is usually quite strong but the rides plus the heat there quickly and clearly defeated me. @_@

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Quick lunch of fried rice, naan, fruits, lemon iced tea!

In the afternoon, we explored the indoor exhibitions and aquariums at the park.

2016-07-21 14.01.34

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2016-07-21 14.41.53-2
Human sized Lele!

The views from up high.. absolutely beautiful!
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Coming back down..

Then finally returning home to Tsim Sha Tsui for dinner & some rest..

Day 3: Bang Bang Bang!

Okay let’s not get too excited yet. 😛 We shall start with breakfast at a classic, HK Style Cafe, “Tea Restaurant” (茶餐厅). This hole in the wall was located in Sheung Wan (上环), called Hoi An Cafe (海安咖啡室).

I then picked up my BB tickets from my friend’s sister at her office in Sheung Wan (上环) the neighbourhood next to the busy downtown Central where I was headed to next to meet up with my nephew for more food and funs!

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Skyway view ft. Western Market (旧上环街市)

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The streets of Central were packed!

Lunch at another “Tea Restaurant” called Law Mark Kee (罗麦记) in the Vcity Mall.This one is more modernized for sure.

2016-07-22 13.09.29
Love the big windows in this mall hehe

Mandatory visit to the rooftop garden that really lacked plants but came with a view of the neighbouring buildings.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset2016-07-22 12.01.27

Bubble Waffle @ LKK (李强纪) in North Point (北角), where BBWs originated!

I love bubble waffles and I’ve had my fair share in both Canada and Asia.. but this was undeniably the best I’ve ever had.

We spent the afternoon shopping around Central then back to Tsim Sha Tsui to stroll around until it was time to head off to the concert.

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Kowloon-Canton Clock Tower
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Victoria Harbour (维多利亚港)

And then we cross islands to Hong Kong Asia-World Expo for.. that’s right, Big Bang’s 2016 MADE [VIP] tour!! Ahhhh.

The show starts at 8, but I arrived early at 6. Although it looked like I wasn’t the only one who came early. 😛

2016-07-22 18_Fotor

What was it like seeing one of my favourite Kpop bands live for the first time? To put it short and sweet, it was a night full of cheering, screaming, singing, pretending I know how to rap in Korean, jumping, dancing, waving my VIP crown and much much fangirling as well. They were incredible live; their voices, their choreo, and their stage presence.

Although I went alone, I was surrounded by thousands of other VIP. #빅뱅짱!

I hope to attend a full concert of theirs some day.. Due to the nature of a FM, there was only an hour or so of performances. We got through MADE, solos from everyone, Good & Bad Boy, ending with Fantastic Baby. Okay that may seem like quite a bit but honestly, there can never be enough songs for a VIP. (;

‘Twas a  fun and unforgettable show that wraps up my 3 days in Hong Kong. ^^

Hong Kong, I’ve visited you numerous times in the past but this was my first time solo. It was a brief but memorable trip; full of new encounters, new people, and new learnings.


I thank God for all that I received during my stay in Hong Kong, and for His blessings that led me safely to my next few stops- Huzhou and now back in Zhongshan.

My travels are to be continued as I relax here with my fam for the next week or so before returning to Vancouver. Stay tuned for beautiful Huzhou & Zhongshan! ^^

<3, Rae

PS to homies- How’s pokemon hunting back in Van?


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