ohana means..

[07/31/16] I am still in Zhongshan right now and after a fun, relaxing day with my fam, I’m convincing myself to sleep so that I can wake up early tomorrow to workout. The overload of calories I’m consuming isn’t gonna burn itself. 😛

It was a typical day of sleeping until I feel waking up (basically 8 because breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and it would take lots for me to skip it), eating delicious food with my fam, doing random things to kill time in between meals of more delicious food, chilling with the phone/ comp/ TV..

Speaking of chilling with the phone/ comp/ TV, there was definitely a lot of that today.

After returning home from a long day, I’m sure many of us resort to some alone leisure time. For some of us, reading, music, Youtube, blogging, gaming.. many of the activities happen electronically. All four of us- my uncle, aunt, cousin and I- have our own things to do on our own devices. Me on my comp writing posts, my cousin battling some fairy thingys on his phone, my aunt refreshing her Wechat moments, my uncle on his comp watching some movie. What I noticed is that even though we were all doing our own things, we were all together in the same room. Squished together in the same bed.

For probably an hour or a couple, we didn’t even talk much. Our only conversations were telling each other to move over to make some room and getting annoyed at someone’s heavy limb resting on us.

We were doing our own things individually, while still being in each other’s company… maybe that’s what a family is all about.

Getting to the point

During the school year, I found it especially hard to make time to spend with my family. There’s school, studying, volunteering by the time I’ve completed all the above I’m usually quite sleepy. Some days, I refuse to do the dishes for Mama Rae and I forget to voice message Papa Rae. I always feel terrible whenever I look back at these times I’ve overlooked my family, selfishly minding my own business.

Considering so, I’m very grateful for the time I have now with my family being on summer break.

With so many priorities as well as so many distractions, it is extremely easy to forget our folks back at home. I don’t even live away from home and I admit it is still challenging for me to allocate exclusive, undistracted time to the ones I love.

I am getting really cheesy but don’t get me wrong, I don’t come from a perfect family. We argue lots, we yell too much, we often short-temperedly say things we don’t mean to each other, but through all the ups and downs, we understand one another just that much better. We learn from one another just that little bit more. I may be the child but we are all growing together as a whole.

The Lord commands us to honour our father and mother and I believe the same respect would also apply to the extension of our family. I am shameful knowing that in the past, I haven’t done the best I could’ve.. but by His grace I also recognize that now is a season of change. I truly feel God pouring onto me His kindness and patience and I strive to emanate the same in my familial relationships

So this one is for you, my beloved parents and my dear family.

We rarely say sentimental things due to our reserved culture.. but instead, we habitually express ourselves through quiet actions. This, however sleepy I am, was a huge shout from the heart. And I hope I conveyed it well.

<3, Rae


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