it’s not goodbye yet

Goodbyes are emotional, melancholy, and conclusive. I don’t like goodbyes. 😦

But.. during transitions from one stage of life to another, we inevitably hear these sorrowful farewells. As I am quickly approaching my last few days of high school, I can’t help but wonder how many goodbyes I will have to hear. How many tears will be shed. How many parting hugs will be given. The last time we’ll have the entire body of MSS Class of 2k16 together under the same roof is only hours away.

I’m usually a pretty sentimental person, although this time around, I can’t relate with the sadness that many seem to be experiencing. I have no lingering feelings for this place I called my second home for the past 5 years, but that’s not to say I won’t miss it at all.

High school has been a rough journey, and yet a worthwhile one. What I’ve acquired is beyond textbook knowledge, most of which I admit I have already forgotten ahah. 😛 It was place of discovery; of others, of society and significantly of myself. I am grateful for all the people I encountered, all the teachers I was taught by, and even the most boring of lessons. Every lab I did, every test I wrote, and every countdown to Friday’s last bell. The birthday parties, the holiday gatherings, the clubs and the volunteering. All that had built the Rachel I am now, from the foundation of a puzzled 12 year old who had no idea what high school was all about and what to expect .

But I am also very hopeful for what’s to come.

So to my comrades and my foes equally, I want to say a thank you. For all that we’ve been through together and for all that we learned from each other. You will always be ingrained in my precious high school memories.

I will miss rushing to the bus stop every day trying to get a seat, running late to my morning classes, and squishing through crammed hallways that are nearly impossible to get through in between breaks. These were hectic moments in their instances, but they were parts of a routine I’ve been so comfortably accustomed to. However, at the same time, I am optimistic for the future ahead of us.

Photo 2016-06-17, 6 04 13 PM.jpg

Let us remember the years we spent together, for these are the years of our youth and our road to maturity.

I wish you all a wonderful journey ahead, but let it not be a goodbye. Instead, when we step outside the blue and white building after that last exam, let’s just say to each other.. see you later.

<3, Rae

PS- Prom 2k16 was a blast.


4 thoughts on “it’s not goodbye yet

  1. Your prom dress is so, so, so pretty! Prom was such a wonderful time. You’ll look back on these photos every so often and be amazed at the great people you spent high school with 🙂


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