Seattle ’16

[05/31/16] Grandpa Rae came to visit Mama Rae and I in May and he flew back to China just last Thursday. But while he was with us, we took him out to lots of places. It’s interesting that last time he came, I was only a toddler, and this time around I had my high school commencement!

I also always find it fascinating to be a tourist in your own city, because I grow in appreciation each time for the beautiful place I’m so blessed to live in.

Mama Rae took him to Las Vegas for a couple of days prior to our trip to Seattle, but I couldn’t go due to school. However, I jumped on board for a day-trip to Seattle.

We left at around 7am after breakfast, and arrived in Seattle near 11am with the rest stops, traffic and finding parking spaces.. Man, is it difficult finding parking downtown Seattle even on weekdays!

IMG_9158 IMG_9160 IMG_9229

First stop was Pike Place Market!

IMG_9163 IMG_9170

I came just for the piggies hehe.

IMG_9224 IMG_9174 IMG_9171IMG_9221

We walked around the market for a bit, before heading for lunch. Of course, we had to bring Grandpa Rae to the famous Pike Place Chowder!


Like our previous visits, there was a huge line! But luckily, it moved pretty quickly.

Between the three of us, we ordered the signature New England Chowder in Sourdough Bread Bowl, Seared Scallop Chowder, Market Chowder, and a Lobster Roll.


Everything was as delicious as I remembered, you can read my full Zomato review here.

We also passed by Beecher’s! It’s fascinating seeing the cheese making process and gigantic tubs of curdling milk.. too bad we were too full to try their grilled cheese or mac & cheese.


Our last stop is by Seattle Waterfront. We strolled along the water and took some pictures by the Seattle Great Wheel.

IMG_9230 IMG_9239 IMG_9240 IMG_9248

We passed by the Seattle Aquarium as well!

IMG_9243 IMG_9245

We actually didn’t have time to visit one of the most prominent landmarks in Seattle, the Space Needle.. but it’s okay because we passed by it twice on the highway. 😛


Overall, it was a fun family bonding trip! And the weather is starting to look gorgeous too. (: I can’t wait till I travel back to China this summer to be reunited with the fam hehe. I sure wish it was summer already but there’s still 2.5 weeks of tests and exams to go.. so to anyone else who’s still in school, fighting!

<3, Rae


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