[03/14/16] Since I’m craving dessert but am stuck in bed with my recurring cold (yes, I had a cold last week, got better, but then sick again D: ), I thought it would be a good idea to look back at my old food pics and do a blog post. I was scrolling back to spring break, when I hung out with Pami. On the same day that we brunched at The Warehouse, we went to Styo to satisfy her parfait craving, and here is my long overdue review!

The Restaurant

Located on the busy Denman Street in West End, I often passed by Styo on my way to English Bay. But I never really had the intention to go that far for dessert until Pami mentioned it and I was suddenly reminded of this dessert bar.

It looks quite hidden and tiny from the outside, but the place is quite spacious on the inside. I can imagine it getting pretty packed in the evening or during weekends though.

Fresh and vibrant with white and sky blue, the layout of their store definitely portrays their themes of “frozen yogurt in style” and “next generation of froyo”. :3

The Food

Not only does Styo serve froyo, but they also turns their dessert into parfaits. They make waffles and smoothies as well. And what is the most intriguing to me is their frozen yogurt cake.. can I please have one for my birthday? (;

Coffee Dose (L $7.95)

original froyo, coffee jelly, creampuff, iced cappuccino, homemade crumbs, almond flakes

I loved their frozen yogurt! It was a little tangy, a little sweet- the perfect balance. The texture was on point as well, thick and creamy. I usually go for everything matcha, but I dared myself to try something new so I went for their coffee variation. The coffee jelly had a nice bouncy texture, and the iced cappuccino, slightly sweetened, went very well with the yogurt. The only con I find is the ratio of parfait ingredients to the amount of yogurt.. there was very little and towards the middle and bottom, it felt like I was just eating plain froyo, which really wasn’t worth the price. (4/5)

Strawberry Kiss (L $7.95)

original candy, strawberry, popping candy, marshmallow, wafer stick

You can make substitution for the froyo base or any ingredients with an additional $0.35, and that’s what Pami did. Instead of marshmallow, she got pineapples. There was very little fruits except on the circumference of the cup, so what gave the parfait the strawberry flavour was mainly the syrup and strawberry popping candy. Again, the portion of ingredients was scarce. (3/5)

(I forgot to take a closeup of the strawberry. T^T)

Final Thoughts

After trying the two parfaits, I don’t think I’ll be back here for parfaits considering the price and content, but perhaps for their froyo! They have a good selection of different fresh blended flavours which all sound like a nice light dessert. I’m also curious to try their waffles because they sound decadent.. and don’t forget the froyo cake!

The desserts took a while for the one staff member to assemble.. probably a good 5 minute each. We were fine waiting but I hope their speed is faster during busier times.

{1- Terrible :: 2- Poor :: 3- Average :: 4- Good :: 5- Excellent}

Food: 3.5/5 | Service: 3/5 | Value: 3/5 | Ambiance: 4/5

Overall: 3.5/5

Styo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Hope you are all doing great and not sick like me.. 😛 Anyone else cramming for AP *slowly raises hand*, I know I am despite laying lifelessly in bed. xD

<3, Rae


4 thoughts on “Styo

    • There’s lots of non-dairy icecream around now! But non-dairy froyo sounds greattt. (: It’s always a compromise for me when I have dairy product being sensitive to lactose. /:


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