My Plans for Next Year..

Happy Monday! Instead of being at school, I’m currently laying in bed after 14+ hours of sleep feeling a little sick, a little dizzy.. so what better time to do some blogging than now? 😛

Today I thought I’d do a more personal post. I’ve been posting so many restaurant reviews that I’ve sorta neglected the theme of my blog. Yes, it’s more or less a food blog. But it wasn’t my intention to limit it to restaurant reviews, but also a overall healthy lifestyle in life, which includes a healthy balance of not only good food, but also good sleep, academic success, social life…. Although for the longest time, I’ve only been able to achieve two out of the three, my goal is to maintain all three.

I’m more of less referring to this meme here. x’D


So today, I’ll be rambling on about my post-secondary plans! I’m constantly inspired by Cindy @CookiesnChem, who always seems to be on top of her game! She’s a first-year uni student now, and yet she manages to be so active with her blog. I also hope that in my uni years, I’ll be able to share with everyone my experience, while expanding and growing my blog.

What am I doing next year?

Deciding on my faculty has been my biggest struggle for the past 2-3 years or so.. I knew where my interest lies- health sciences– but I was seriously bogged down with all the options and also my parents’ preferences- pharmacy/ medicine.. It wasn’t an easy choice, although in the end I went with my biggest passion- nutrition. 😀

At the beginning (meaning Grade 10-11ish), I aimed for pharmacy school. It was a very competitive field and I definitely worked my butt off in Grade 11 with my honour classes. I ended up with pretty good grades and I was quite satisfied. But it was also this year that I completely lost myself to studying. In easier terms, I just had no social life and all I really did was study. 😛 My friends wouldn’t even bother asking me when they hung out because they knew my answer would be no.. Despite my academic achievements and my family’s approval, I was rather unhappy.

In Grade 12, this year. I knew I needed a change. I asked myself seriously what I wanted and even though I wasn’t 100% it was nutrition at the time (I still don’t), I knew for sure that pharmacy was not something I wanted to pursue. It only became my goal because of the expectations set on me and my own ambition. I had grades good enough for pharmacy or perhaps even med school, so why would I turn to nutrition.. a major most people seek as a second choice?

But now, I don’t really care. Because I know that I enjoy learning about nutrition and no matter how good my grades are or how qualified I am for something, if I don’t have the passion for it, it’ll be dull and meaningless.

So I looked up all the universities in Canada (I already x’ed out the US because a) I wasn’t gonna cram for SAT b) expensive and c) I just love Canada too much), and I made McGill University my ultimate goal. Other schools that offered nutrition include Western, UBC, and U of A, but McGill was the only place I wanted to go to.

It wasn’t long till I had another crisis. Am I really ready to leave everything behind to pursue McGill, moving to the other side of the country? In the back of my head, I knew my parents wanted me to stay and I truthfully only wanted to go to McGill as a mean of escape. (Gotta save that story for another time.. xD) Long story short, I clicked out of my application for McGill on the very last page where I had to make my payment.

I applied to my local universities- University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University- and as a backup plan in the neighbouring province, University of Alberta. I’m super happy because I received offers for all 3 of these amazing universities, and entrance scholarships for 2 of them!

So the main point.. where will I be going..? I’ll let you guess first. :3

UBC! I didn’t receive a scholarship here.. but compared to SFU it has the nutrition program I wanted and compared to U of A, well.. I can save a lot of $$ just by living at home. 😛 Besides, I’ve been here on several occasions and I gotta say, I love this campus! I can’t wait to be nesting in the student nest hehehe.

Almost bought the UBC hoodie when I attended an event there last week too but it’s a bit expensive, so I’ll wait till the freshman sale at the beginning of the school year. (;

I’m admitted to the Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition & Health in UBC’s Faculty of Land Food Systems. There’s a lot of majors to pick from and atm I’m pretty set on Dietetics Major.. but who knows where God will take me in life. (: If there’s one thing I learned from the past few years, it’s definitely to be open-minded.

[My spiritual journey is a significant aspect of my life that I’m eager to share at a later time as well!]

2016-03-31 21.48.46

How sweet of the professor to include a hand-written note too?! Definitely made my day when I received the package in the mail.

Since I have the energy to write up a blog post, I have no excuse to not study either.. homegirl has a bio test on Weds. ): Wishing you an amazing week ahead!

<3, Rae


4 thoughts on “My Plans for Next Year..

  1. First of all, congrats congrats congrats on UBC! It’s an amazing school and I know that you will be such an amazing addition to the student body and make so much change. Anyways, I can tell you that I feel the exact same way. I too wanted to go into pharmacy and biology when I applied to college, but deep down I really didn’t want to go to the schools I applied to with those majors because my heart was just not into those fields when my parents encouraged me towards them. They only served for financially promising careers. It wasn’t until I found food science and agricultural studies when I realized that I had to take a different route–I applied to a few other amazing colleges with those majors and got into one that I felt so at ease with and I could really see myself thriving in. It will get better in the process (I’m right beside you!) and I wish you the best of luck with your transition to uni!


    • thank you so much Cassie for the encouragement! you’re so sweet. ❤ it seems like we have really similar experiences/ feelings.. and i think we def need to catch up a bit. (: hopefully i enjoy nutrition but either way, i'll be sharing my uni experience here hehe.


  2. WOW, Rachel! Congratulations. You are such an amazing person and I think it’s super cool that you received a handwritten letter from a nutrition professor. 🙂
    I just shared this post with my mom, who absolutely loved it. We are both so proud of you and I’m sure you’ll do such amazing things! You’ll be saving lots by living and cooking at home, and I think you’ll adore the program. I have a couple friends in the same field at UBC, and [obviously] it’s challenging but very rewarding. Plus, you will be on one of Canada’s most beautiful campuses in BC’s foodiest cities.
    I can’t wait to hear more about your university plans and what you plan to do this summer!


    • Sorry for the late replies, I haven’t logged onto my blog for a while so don’t mind the thread of notifications now hehe.
      Thank you so much for you and your mom’s support, you are both so encouraging. (: I’m lucky because a few of my close friends are going into the same program as well, so I’m so stoked to see what it’s all about!

      I’m absolutely in love with UBC’s campus too, everytime I go there I get more reassured of my choice hehe. Can’t wait to meet up again in the summer!


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