Heirloom Vegetarian

[12/26/15] This year for Boxing Day, I did a little something out of the usual. Instead of squishing in between crowds at jampacked malls and oulets, I treated myself out to a delicious brunch with my lovely friend Cindy, aka CookiesnChem, who was visiting Vancouver from University of Waterloo for the winter holidays. Cindy, if you’re reading this, I miss you already! We better hang out again when you visit in the summer. (:

Since Cindy was coming back for a short while, I let her take the pick of our brunch destination. I was pleasantly surprised when she chose Heirloom because it has been on my wishlist for the longest time.

The Restaurant

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It wasn’t as busy as I expected on a Saturday peak hours, but then again, people were probably all shopping. 😛

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The restaurant was a wide open space divided into two sections. On one side was the main dining area, the other was a lounge with high tables accommodating smaller groups like us. In the middle was a kitchen area where the baristas made drinks, and the bar is situated in the back.

Being a vegetarian restaurant, the menu comprised of a wide variety of vegetarian options. On the flip side of the menu were lots of vegan-friendly items- I was surprised by how many they had! They serve brunch/lunch as well as dinner, and they had an extensive drink menu too.

The Food

We had a hard time deciding on what we wanted, everything just sounded so delectable!

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London Fog– $4.75 (2.5/5) 

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetCindy thought this was somewhat watery and not creamy enough. It was lacking of a vanilla flavour and I noticed that she added heaps of sugar to sweeten it.

California Hash– $18.95 (4.5/5) 

Organic Saskatchewan quinoa nut fritters, collard greens, yams, bell peppers, and hash browns, on creamy cilantro sauce, topped with seahorse dressing and pea sprouts.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetThis is the dish Cindy ordered, which she loved. It came in a huge plate with a large green salad on the side. Sitting atop the bed of veggie hash were the quinoa fritters. These were crunchy on the outside, while soft on the inside. The texture and flavour resemble falafels, except it was grainier and nuttier. On the edge were dollops of their vegan hollandaise beautifully presented, which was tangy and creamy.

Heirloom Scramble– $19.95 (4/5)

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetOriginally a vegetarian option, I made some alterations to have it turned vegan. Instead of the scrambled eggs, I asked for a substitution, and I went sans goat cheese. However, I still found lumps of goat cheese, so I suggest that if you have any intolerance, you should emphasize more to the staff. Regardless, this was absolutely scrumptious! I was quite hungry at the time, so I totally devoured it. I was shocked by how similar to eggs their scrambled tofu were! After inquiring our server, we found out that it was seasoned with nutritional yeast for that eggy cheesy taste. The colourful mix of veggies added flavour and textural interest to the dish- I especially loved the artichokes, which isn’t an extremely common ingredient used in veggie scrambles. This came with a green salad as well, and along with the protein-packed quinoa, it made a very substantial meal.

Vegan Brownie– $9.95 (3/5)


2 thoughts on “Heirloom Vegetarian

  1. This is definitely a place I’d love to visit if I ever come to Canada! So cool (but I’m also really jelly!) that you got to meet up with Cindy, a fellow blogger! Everything looks so tasty and fresh here!


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