The Flying Pig (Yaletown)

[07/25/2015] One of my favourite things to do in the summer was brunching! Unfortunately now that school started, my weekends are mostly dedicated to studying. So instead, I’ll be reminiscing the amazing brunches I had with my friends by sharing them with you on my blog. xD Most of my friends aren’t so enthusiastic about brunch, because they would much rather sleep in. But after a lot of convincing, I got K to come to The Flying Pig with me.

The Restaurant

The Flying Pig has a location in Gastown, Yaletown, and their third location in the Olympic Village opened a couple of months ago. I’ve been to the Gastown location with Mama Rae a few yeas back for Mother’s Day, so this time, I wanted to try out the Yaletown location.

Compared to the Gastown location, the Yaletown restaurant is significantly smaller. However, with the dim lighting, neat rows of wooden furniture and lively music, the shop definitely sets off a nice atmosphere. There’s also a clear display of their huge collection of liquor.

K and I were seated on the high dining table, where we could observe the chefs in actions through their open kitchen.

The Food

The Flying Pig serves lunch and dinner, and on the weekend, brunch. They have a Happy Hour menu as well as a daily special selection on the chalk board.

The brunch menu is kept simple, categorized by appetizers, drinks, breakfast, lunch and sides.

Complementary Banana Bread (3.5/5)

One of the most memorable part of my previous visit to The Flying Pig was the complementary banana bread! Most places just serve plain bread with butter, if any at all, so this stood out to me haha. This was incredibly moist and super sweet with the generous amounts of chocolate chips! It was a memorable aspect of the meal, but I think flavour wise, it’s better suited as a dessert than a starter.

Smoked Salmon Benedict– $15.50 (3.5/5)

house smoked salmon, dill cream cheese, hollandaise

I’m a breakfast kinda gal so I opted for a classic breakfast item, bennys! It was actually my first time trying them and I know I know, I’ve been living under a rock. Anyways, The Flying Pig’s version is served on sourdough instead of the traditional English muffins, which I really liked. The bread was toasted nicely with a crunchy crust, and a pillowly soft inside that soaks up all the eggy, saucy goodness. However, I found the combination of the cream cheese, smoked salmon and hollandaise too salty for my liking. The mixed green salad on the side, dressed in a vinaigrette, does help balance out the strong flavours though.

I asked for my eggs to be poached soft, and they were perfectly done. Check out this wonderful oozy yolk porn. (;

Pulled Pork 4 Cheese Rigatoni– $14.50 (3/5)

spicy tomato cream sauce, garlic toast

K went for a meatier option with this baked pasta. First off, the portion was huge! The casserole itself was big, and so was the slice of garlic toast. I tried a bit of this and thought the pasta was dry, and this is because all the sauce was at the bottom! Although the pulled pork was juicy and tender.

Rocket and Watercress Beetroot Salad– $8.50 (4/5)

local chevre, pears and walnuts

I obvious underestimated their portions when I decided on an additional appetizer to share, and I ended up finishing the majority of this because K couldn’t even finish his pasta. This isn’t like your typical salad, with the highlight of the dish being the beetroots. Also, the peppery rocket and watercress is a refreshing change from the regular lettuce or spinach. The golden and red beets were deliciously tender and sweet, which contrasted well with the pungent, soft goat cheese and the tart, crunchy pears. I wasn’t a fan of the candied walnuts but overall, this salad had an interesting profile of flavours and textures and was beautifully presented.

Final Thoughts

The Flying Pig was a great choice for brunch! It was K’s first time and he wasn’t at all upset about waking up early. 😛 The food was decent, the service was friendly, and the ambiance was charmin- especially being in the heart of Yaletown. It’s a comfortable spot for social gatherings with your family and friends, which is relaxed but still special. Even though the price range is on the higher end, I think it’s worth the splurge.

{1- Terrible :: 2- Poor :: 3- Average :: 4- Good :: 5- Excellent}

Food: 3.5/5 | Service: 4/5 | Value: 3/5 | Ambiance: 4.5/5

Overall: 4/5

The Flying Pig Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


I’ll be away for a week next week for a program called Encounters with Canada, and I super stoked about it! However, I’ll have very limited access to the internet so I doubt I would be updating my blog, and plus, I just want to fully enjoy my experience there. With that said, I’ll probably be a little quiet here for a couple of weeks until I’m back and settled down. Hope you have an amazing rest of Sunday and week ahead. (:

<3, Rae


2 thoughts on “The Flying Pig (Yaletown)

  1. Your brunch looks delicious! Eggs benedict are my favourite brunch too – mostly because hollandaise sauce is such a hassle to make at home! Salmon eggs benny is my fave – I actually just had one today – and it’s even better on a biscuit instead of an English muffin. That salad looks incredible. You can’t go wrong with anything topped with goat cheese, especially if its colourful beets! Have a great trip 🙂


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