Summer 2015: Montreal

This summer, Mama Rae and I traveled to Ontario and Quebec. We toured around Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto and Niagara Falls for about 9 days, and now that I’m back, I’m excited to share with you all my adventures there! This is actually the second time I’ve visited these cities because a couple of years back, I joined a touring group with Papa Rae.. but it was definitely fun to return and explore all the streets and neighbourhoods by foot with maps in our hands. In this series, I’ll be sharing with you snippets of my sightseeing. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll keep the text to a minimal here. 😛 I’ll also be writing separate reviews for the restaurants I’ve visited, so keep an eye out for those. (: 

Our flight from Vancouver to Montreal was about 5 hours.


During our stay in Montreal, we relied on the Metro to get from places to places. Their system is so much more extensive than Translink here in BC!

Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal 

IMG_8838IMG_8823IMG_8844Throughout my trip, I went to lots of churches, but I think this one is definitely my favourite one. The shimmering, colourful design is just so grand and beautiful!

IMG_8717 IMG_8721

Place Jacques-Cartier 

IMG_8767 IMG_8750 IMG_8776

Mama Rae and I loved strolling through the streets of Old Montreal. Something about the architecture just stood out to us and we just loved the vibe!

Place Vauquelin

IMG_8770 IMG_8773

Hôtel de Ville

Marché Bonsecours


Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours


Vieux Port

IMG_8850 IMG_8869 IMG_8862It was blistering hot when we went to Old Port! Lots of people were tanning in the Clocktower Beach. Meanwhile, we were looking for the shade and trying to not get sunburnt haha..


IMG_8777 Of course, we made a visit to Chinatown as well. We ended up grabbing dinner here because Mama Rae was missing home.. Well, the food. 😛

McGill University

McGill is like my dream university.. except, my French is too poor to be able to pursue a professional career here. ): It was nice walking through the campus though.

Mount Royal

Rue Rachel teeheeee. 😀

The hike up to the top of Mount Royal was only about a kilometer if I remember correctly.. up there you get a beautiful skyline of Montreal.

Saint Joseph’s Oratory

IMG_8786 IMG_8799 IMG_8803 IMG_8807 IMG_8809 IMG_8814It was such a long walk up the oratory, which is situated on another side of Mount Royal. But hey, it’s Canada’s largest church.

School is starting next week for me, but I’ll try my very best to keep this blog updated. At least one post a week! Tomorrow, I’ll be posting my foodie finds in Montreal, so stay tuned. (;

<3, Rae


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