Pallet Coffee Roasters

[07/20/2015] I purchased a Groupon deal for Pallet Coffee Roasters a while ago but never got around to using it until I realized it was expiring soon.. So, I called up my foodie/health/blog buddy Naomi and we went to the cafe together for a Monday breakfast.

The Place

Pallet Coffee Roasters is tucked away in a quiet residential area near East Hastings St. We went early in the morning, shortly after the opening hour, and there were already a couple of customers in the cafe. More and more people started flowing in as time past, I guess it’s a good place for those who live around the area to just grab and go and morning meal before work.

IMG_8293The cafe gives off a nice, modern but relaxing vibe. I absolutely love the interior design with the wooden furnishing!

Coffee, mugs, and other merchandise can be purchased.

There is a glass panel where the menu is located, and you can see the kitchen right below it.

More seating is available on an upper level.

The Food

Pallet roasts their coffee using quality ingredients. Aside from coffee, they also have a variety of different freshly baked pastries.

And after a while after we ordered, some sweets were brought in. They all happen to be gluten free too, which is awesome news for our gluten intolerant friends. (: I definitely have to return for that quinoa date bar!

They offer both a breakfast and lunch menu with an array of different sandwiches and for lunch, salads. You have the option to build your own sandwich as well. For $7, you can customize your own with your choice of bread, sauce, meat, greens, cheese and other add-ons.

My Groupon allowed us to choose 2 of each of drinks, pastries and sandwiches. While waiting for our food to be prepared, Naomi and I enjoyed our coffee and pastries.


Naomi chose a simple Cafe Latte (S- $3.50, M- $3.85, L- $4.20), and I got a London Fog (this wasn’t on their standard menu).

We both thought the latte was excellent! The richness of the coffee shown through, and it was not overly milky. (4.5/5) On the other hand, I thought my London Fog was on the sweeter side. Plus, the strong taste of vanilla almost overpowered the natural aroma of earl grey tea. (3/5)

As for the pastries, I had a Parmesan Rosemary Scone ($2.85), while Naomi got an Apple Turnover ($3.60). These were both scrumptious!

My scone had a crunchy exterior, and a soft, buttery inside that just melts in your mouth. The use of rosemary gave it a nice fragrance and freshness to the savouriness. However, the parmesan was not prominent (4/5).

Naomi’s apple turnover was super flaky, filled with a smooth, tart apple filling. It had just the right amount of sweetness (4/5).

Then comes our big meal! Even without the Groupon, I think they were at great value.

Naomi ordered the Grand Italian ($8) sandwich, which has slices of capicollo, two eggs, tomatoes, argula and pesto mayo with focaccia bread. This was nothing special, but the ingredients were of good quality and fresh. (4/5)

My Avocado Bruschetta ($9) came beautifully plated. The two slices of sourdough was topped with loads of avocado salsa which consists of probably an entire avocado, tomatoes, salt and black pepper, along with a poached egg, a side of arugula and balsamic syrup. The sourdough was nicely toasted- crispy crust, soft interior. Again, all the ingredients here were very fresh. (4/5)


I finished my meal with a happy, full belly, and Naomi brought home some leftovers. 😛


Final Thoughts

All in all, we were very impressed with our meal at Pallet. Everything was fresh, carefully prepared and delicious of course. Being a cafe, the service was minimal, but the staff there were friendly.

{1- Terrible :: 2- Poor :: 3- Average :: 4- Good :: 5- Excellent}

Food: 4/5 | Service: 3.5/5 | Value: 4/5 | Ambiance: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

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<3, Rae


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