Bowen Island

[08/04/2015] Last Tuesday was Mama Rae’s birthday. With her day off from work, we decided to spend the whole day together to celebrate! Mama Rae picked a day trip to Bowen Island followed by a special dinner (at Miku, review coming soon :D) back in Vancouver, but here I’ll share with you my travel adventures on the island!

We started off the morning with breakfast of course. Mama Rae requested some sunny side-up eggs, so I made those for her on a platter with toasts and fresh grapes and cherries. As for me, I had a simple banana peanut butter sandwich.


Then, we drove to Horseshoe Bay to catch the 10:05am ferry to Bowen Island!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous that day, gotta love the summer sunshine.

IMG_8484 IMG_8485

Mama Rae loves hiking, so she picked a short 2k trail up to Dorman Point. There, you can see an open view of the harbour.


After our quick hike, we decided to go grab some lunch. Originally, I wanted to visit Shika Provisions, which is a dainty little Japanese shop offering rice bowls, rice bowls, sweets and all. Disappointingly, they were actually closed that day! As we strolled around the street though, we came across a cafe that seemed to be quite busy, called The Snug on Bowen.

Their menu features coffee of course, and a wide selection of sandwiches, wraps, as well as smoothies, salads. They also have a variety of freshly baked goods.

Mama Rae ordered the Soup of the Day, which was their Black Bean Tomato Soup, along with a Cornish Pasty.

This was filled with beef and vegetables. Strangely, the flavour reminds us of the Chinese oxtail soup.

I chose the Glory Bowl, which had balsamic glazed spinach, tomatoes, cornmeal-crusted feta, avocado, and a poached egg on a bed of organic brown rice.


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Our next stop after lunch was Killarney Lake. It was about another 2km to the destination, but because we wanted to get back to Vancouver in the afternoon to get ready for dinner, we didn’t have enough time to walk the trail around the lake.


That pretty much concludes our day on Bowen Island! Mama Rae definitely enjoyed her sunny, relaxing birthday.

Quick sneak peak of our dinner at Miku. Stay tuned for the review. (:

<3, Rae


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