Salt Spring Island Getaway

[06/25/2015- 06/28/2015] Hey everyone! Last weekend, Mama Rae and I took a 3-day getaway to the beautiful Salt Spring Island and I thought I would share with you my experience there. It was a pretty chill vacation without much planning, so we just went with the flow and relaxed there. If you don’t know where S.S.I is, it’s one of the Gulf Islands in the Georgia Strait between Vancouver Islands and the mainland. I also brought along my camera so I took some pictures here and there, the rest (most of which are here) are taken with my phone. For more photography, you can check out my 500px profile here, where I’ll be posting them. This post will be mainly pictures because you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. ;D Anyways, let’s get started. (: 

Day 1- Friday

We left our place at around 7 to catch our 8am ferry at Tsawassen Bay. In order to get to Salt Spring Island, we had to take the ferry to Victoria, then a transfer the the island.

Then.. the second ride!

The first place we went to when we arrived was Sacred Mountain Lavender. They have a lavender festival every year in mid-July, so the field wasn’t fully grown. It was still very beautiful regardless though. 

There’s a little shop as well.

Next up, Salt Spring Goat Cheese Company. I’ve seen their products in grocery stores but this is where they make it! Inside are many samples and all sorts of types and flavours.. from chilli, lemon, basil. I’ve tried almost all of them and it’s hard to say but I really loved the herb & ruckle, which the lady there told me was one of their most popular choices. They also make jam and marinated olives. Do you guys like olives? I can’t stand them. 😛 

As if the goat cheese sampling wasn’t enough, Mama Rae and I shared a cone of their goat milk gelato. They had vanilla, mango and chocolate, and we went for the vanilla. In case you were wondering, the first cone cracked which is why they gave us two. Can you believe this was $5? This had 2 giant scoops (the amount in the cone is worth another one too) and we seriously had trouble finishing it! It was delightfully creamy and smooth, what a great afternoon snack to cool off in the summer. By the way, I brought breakfast and lunch to eat on the ferry. xD

Afterwards, we went to Ruckle Provincial Park

We took a 1km trail to a viewpoint, and we were rewarded with a gorgeous ocean scenery. 

That’s Mama Rae taking a pic. (; 

During the late afternoon, we checked in at our place, which is located walking distance from the city center. We stayed in Gallery B&B and wow, this place is really awesome. I would really recommend it if you ever visit S.S.I!

Random house tour ahaha. 

Bread, jam, eggs, yogurt.. 

As the name suggests, this place indeed has a gallery! Mama Rae and I were stunned with all the amazing artworks. They even had a “Sculpture Park” outside.

For dinner that night, we went to a nearby hotel, Harbour House. The hotel here also has a farm, which we visited the next day. 

We ordered the Organic Green Salad topped with portobello mushroom. As expected, the variety of veggies were all super fresh and crisp. And since this isn’t a food review, I’ll just leave it at that. (; 

We wanted to order a clam and mussels dish, because they are freshly caught in S.S.I’s waters. Unfortunately at that time, they were experiencing a red tide so they weren’t able to get their supply. ): Instead, we ordered fried cod and salmon cakes. This was served with some vegetables on the side.

Before heading back, Mama Rae and I took a stroll around the town, which is right by the shore. Such a pretty place. :3 

Mama Rae got a bit hungry again so we stopped by a food truck called El Loco Taco. We munched on some yummy crispy calamari. 

Day 2- Saturday

The next morning, we started our day with breakfast at Barb’s Buns. The place was bustling when we arrived at 8.

Barb’s Buns is both a bistro and a bakery. We just ordered a few baked goodies and enjoyed them outside on the patio. Oh my, I can’t explain how hard it was for me to decide what I wanted, there was just so much to choose from! 

In the end, I chose the sugar free spelt berry muffin. I didn’t tell Mama Rae that it was sugar free or anything, and she thought it was delicious with the right amount of sweetness! I love the muffintop too. c: 

We also got the broccoli and cheddar quiche, which was made ahead of time and reheated. The crust was still super flaky, mmm. 

Of course we had to make a visit to S.S.I’s Saturday Market! This isn’t a farmer’s market like I thought it was- there was food, but there was definitely a lot of local artists selling their works too. S.S.I  is a huge interconnected community, and all the local businesses support each other. I noticed that many restaurants features products of other places as well. 

Mama Rae and I took pictures everything we were allowed to, so I’ll just narrow down to a few pictures. 

I lied about “a few”. 😛

And there were a group of people playing marimbas, some joined in for a little dance. 

We returned from the market to cool off in our cabin and have lunch. It was so hot that weekend! Breakfast kept us pretty satisfied, so we didn’t have a big meal or anything, just some spring rolls from the market. These were made with lots of sprouts and to go with them, a spicy peanut sauce. Very refreshing and nutritious! We also snacked on some pineapples and blueberries we brought. 

That afternoon, we basically got very lost and drove around the upper half of the island. When we got back, we were so hot and tired so we just took naps. This is what I meant by “going with the flow”. 😛 

Dinner that night was at Salt Spring Inn. We absolutely loved the plant decors there! 

We ordered a Greek salad and added tiger prawns

We got their Stuffed Mushrooms to share too. 

Some more pictures of the coastline!

On our way back, we went to Harbour House‘s farm. 

Heeey goaties!

And look who’s totally posing here. xD

Day 3- Sunday

We had to leave before noon but we enjoyed our last couple of hours here on S.S.I, starting off with brunch. Tree House Cafe is one of the most raved places here, because well, it’s a cafe built around a tree! It would be interesting to sit by the trunk inside, but we chose an outside seat to stay cool.

Mama Rae doesn’t have much of an appetite in the morning, so she ordered a cup of the Salt Spring Coffee and nibbled off my plate. 

I got the Tofu Scramble which comes with seed toasts (freshly baked from Embe Bakery), “home fries” which are their hash browns, and of course the tofu scramble with spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese. Raspberry jam and salsa are on the side. Mama Rae added an order of bacon too. It was a very substantial meal that kept me full until I got home! 

The weather wasn’t so great that morning.. clouds filled up the sky. I guess it was sad due to our departure. 😛 

Last picture on the Ganges Harbour, before we boarded the ferry.

…. and that concludes our trip! 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, and are enjoying the summer. It sure is hot this year in Vancouver! And no. Pami my friend… I haven’t forgotten about my China series. I’ve been just procrastinating editing the plethora of pictures I took but the series will definitely continue. 😛 




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