Noms of May

Knocked down two exams during the month of May, but here comes June with the finals and provincials! Good luck to everyone else with their studying, let’s get through this last stretch together.. I’m so ready for summer. C: Since I’ve been baking a lot more, I added my baked goods with my snacks category. I share most of what I make, but I also save them for breakfast or freeze them for easy on-the-go snacks!


peanut butter banana toast | overnight oats w/ pear, strawberries, lemon almond cream

avocado carob oatmeal w/ chia seeds, hemp hearts, cherry orange, kiwi, sliced almonds | rosemary avocado bread w/ berry chia jam // dragonfruit
mango overnight oats w/ flax seeds, shredded coconut | yogurt parfait w/ bananas, strawberries, hemp seeds, sliced almonds
green smoothie bowl {spinch, banana, avocado, almond milk} w/ cashews, hemp hearts, blackberries | orange almond oatmeal w/ hemp hearts

pumpkin pie overnight oats (recipe from The Oatmeal Artist) w/ pecans, pumpkin seeds | peanut butter banana smoothie oatmeal w/ flax seeds, shredded coconut

yogurt w/ flax seeds, hemp hearts, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, walnuts | raspberry carob overnight oats w/ walnuts (recipe from Oh She Glows
blueberry coconut spelt pancakes w/ maple tahini sauce | apple banana flax oatmeal w/ almonds, pumpkin seeds
grapefruit tahini oatmeal w/ chia seeds, hemp hearts, cashews | strawberry mango baked oatmeal (recipe by The Oatmeal Artist) w/ shredded coconut, sliced almonds
cinnamon peanut butter oatmeal w/ raspberries, blueberries, flax seeds, oconut chips, pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts | spelt walnut banana bread (recipe modified from Love Food Eat) [VE] // pear
green smoothie bowl {spinach, banana, almond milk, chia seeds} w/ hemp hearts, sliced almonds, dragonfruit | carrot cake baked oatmeal (recipe by Naturally Meghan) w/ yogurt, walnuts



Snacks & Bakes

sweet potato muffins (recipe modified from Minimalist Baker) [VE] w/ sliced almonds| carob brownies (recipe from Food Network) w/ pumpkin seeds
pecan banana scones (recipe by Cookie and Kate) [VE] | rosemary avocado bread (recipe modified from The Fussy Fork) [VE]
pumpkin avocado muffins (recipe by me, here :D) | spiced apple yogurt bread (recipe by Running with Spoons)
kiwi peanut butter toast | banana granola bar (recipe by The Kitchn) [VE]
spinach strawberry salad w/ cucumbers, pecans, goat cheese | apple w/ almond butter
basil strawberry smoothie | spelt walnut banana bread (recipe modified from Love food Eat) [VE]



coconut quinoa w/ broccoli, carrot, roasted cashews, mixed greens | cashew cream penne (recipe from Healthy Happy Life) w/ fresh cherry tomatoes, garlic sauteed onions + spinach
veggie sandwich {spouted whole grain bread, mixed greens, roasted garlic hummus, carrots, red bell peppers} | quinoa broccoli slaw {spinach, basil, sliced almonds, maple dijon vinaigrette} (recipe from Cookie and Kate)
kale pasta salad {kale, acient grains rotini, green beans, corn, carrots, tomatoes, peas} w/ hemp hearts, walnuts, dijon mustard | black bean spaghetti w/ basil avocado cream, tomatoes, spinach (recipe from Oh She Glows)
spinach oats w/ spicy peanut sauce, roasted cashews, steamed veggies



brown rice // bok choy // steamed fish // baked chicken wings | brown rice // stir-fry fish + broccoli // stir-fry veggies {bell peppers, onions, cucumbers} + chicken
white rice // chinese cabbage + enoki mushrooms // scallop scrambled eggs w/ scallions | veggie quinoa w/ lemon baked salmon, roasted bell peppers, spinach
black bean spaghetti w/ chia tomato onion sauce, mixed veggies, spring mix | conpoy tofu skin congee // shredded dried tofu // choy sum




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