Weekend Reflections // Victoria Day Long Weekend

Long weekends are the best.. I think we can all agree on that. Unfortunately, my teachers tend to schedule assignments and tests right after, so I just usually end up studying. This weekend, however, I can finally enjoy a break! I do have a couple of minor tests next week, but I think I have enough time to prepare for those, while relaxing and having some fun. (:


Started off the weekend with a nice green breakfast! This morning, I had a green smoothie bowl {spinach, banana, avocado, almond milk} topped with blackberries, cashews, hemp hearts.
Then I headed to the kitchen for baking! I’ve been baking mostly at night after I finish school work, but today I had the time to do it earlier in the day. It was nice to be able to enjoy the food fresh and take the photographs under good lighting, (;

Mama Rae were inviting some friends over so she was preparing for that as well. It was pretty chaotic and very very messy for sure.

This is a spiced apple yogurt bread, the texture of it is the best out of all the loaves I made! Mama Rae had seconds.. and even thirds! The recipe is from Running with Spoons.


For lunch, I just had a few slices of them along with a bowl of steamed veggies {broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, yellow carrots} on a bed of baby spinach, with a generous scoop of garlic roasted hummus.
I met up with my friend Cinders at Metrotown later.. for what? Grocery shopping! We were both picking up some baking supplies and she also got a pint of the So Delicious dairy free icecream that was on sale, after much contemplation. As for me, I backed out last minute (again).
We browsed around Winners/ Homesense after, because why not.
Best discovery for a while. And they were organic, whole wheat and healthy too!
Afternoon/ pre-workout snack with a toast with crunchy peanut butter and some kiwis. I suck at slicing kiwis as you can see.
Okie, the jar of crunchy peanut butter is now complete, onto the creamy!

While Mama Rae had her dinner party, I made plans with Papa Rae and Granny. Lately, Papa Rae has been obsessed with Japanese food, and he wanted Sushi Garden. It really wasn’t the brightest idea, considering that it was a weekend night.

Everything tasted good in our starving bellies after a one hour wait!
When we got home, we just chilled and watched some TV. To be specific, Hong Kong dramas.



I knew Papa Rae wouldn’t have much fresh produce in the house so I came prepared with a hearty breakfast! Pumpkin pie overnight oats (recipe by The Oatmeal Artist) with the leftover pumpkin puree I had from my pumpkin avocado muffins, topped with pecans and pumpkin seeds.
Speaking of my pumpkin avocado muffins.. Granny loves pumpkin so I saved some for her. Just look at her eating it, how cute!


Mama Rae came to pick me up at around 10 and we went Costco shopping, my favourite!


Have to try these edamame spaghetti once I get through more of the black bean pasta of the same brand. Cheers for loads of fibre and protein!
Super lazy and random lunch. Toast with greek yogurt guacamole and tomatoes, and a bowl of steamed veggies on spinach again with dijon mustard and roasted cashews. 
Mama Rae: “Wow, you don’t have to bake EVERYDAY”. Oopsies? Apparently I’ve been baking a lot, but it’s really nice to have homemade, healthy snacks to grab on the go, especially when you get a snack attack. (; Also, overripe bananas just call for a baking sesh! The problem I have with mine is that whenever I find a recipe that calls for ripe nanas, mine are always still green, but when they finally do ripen, I can never decide on what to make! In the end, I went for a simple banana granola bar recipe. Love that it only requires 4 main ingredients! Recipe from The Kitchn.
They were so chewy and naturally sweet. I added sliced almonds and chopped dates to mine.
The afternoon was spent the usual way- procrastinating.. studying.. working out.. then dinner! For tonight, we had some leftovers from Mama Rae’s dinner party. After we finished our meal, we went for a stroll in the beautiful weather. Really hope the sunshine lasts! I spent the rest of the night chatting with friends and binge-watching FungBrosComedy. Yes, I just found their channel, and I have a great deal of catching up to do.. 😛



Mama Rae thought it was smart to head to Daiso early in the morning before the weekend crowds. Well, more like I whined until she agreed to take me!
Daiso is a happy place to be, I always end up spending so much because I seriously want to buy everything there!
We also dropped by H-mart. The free samples were out in the open, and I was on a lookout for them. ;D Picked up some fresh fruits!
We drove away to our next destination.. and the most exciting event of the day! I was meeting up with a fellow blogger friend, Cindy at Cookies n Chem. She came all the way from Coquitlam, and we had lunch together at Matchstick Coffee. Our moms both came along, and they seemed like they were having a great conversation as well!
Here’s me and Mama Rae.. and with Cindy! I’m so short compared to her LOL.


And the delicious food.. all devoured!
It was great hanging out with Cindy, we have a lot in common and just so much to talk about! She’s leaving for post-secondary on the East coast soon, so we already came up with a wishlist of things to do and places for us to try together in the summer!


After lunch, we went back home. Mama Rae hung out with some of her friends, and I just chilled for a bit at home. I had an early dinner of random things/ leftovers, then at 5:30, Mama Rae came home to pick me up. We were heading to Lighthouse Park with two of her friends to see the sunset!

We hiked up to Atkinson Point, where we saw the lighthouse. Then, we took the Arbutus trail in hopes to see the sunset. But of course, we got lost. Moral of the day, don’t let Mama Rae take the lead and do some research beforehand. 😛

In the end, we just settled down on a random rock and enjoyed some snacks by the water. There were Mary’s crackers, grapefruits, tomatoes, edamame, raspberries that we brought along. Since we ended up on the wrong side of the park, we missed the sunset, although we did enjoy it on our drive back home LOL.




Guess what day it is… TACO TUESDAY! I made plans with Faitho to get tacos today because we have a pro-d day off from school. It took a lot of convincing because she said that she would use the long weekend to “study”, pfttt yeah right. ;D

Before I went, I started off my morning with a hearty, rich dessert for breakfast. I came up with the crazy idea of mingling smoothies and oatmeal and to my surprise, it worked! What I did was made a smoothie, heated up some of the batch, then added in some pre-cooked steel cut oats. I stirred until the liquid is absorbed and served the oatmeal it in a bowl, pouring the rest of the cold smoothie on top. Not only is the oatmeal so flavourful, but it’s also nice now that the weather is warming up and the smoothie helps cool down the porridge.

Peanut butter banana smoothie oatmeal, topped with more bananas and shredded coconut.

We went to La Taqueria for tacos, I’ve mentioned it in my Checked Off My List series from when I first started blogging, but I might do another review. Across the street was Whole Foods,  it’s not that we could afford the stuff there.. but we went anyways. xD

Didn’t do much when I got home (well I’m working on this post right now. :P) but I got my meal prep done. Decided to go for a salad because the sun is out and plants are growing woohoo!! A lot of people think because I eat healthy, all I eat are salads.. When in truth, I don’t make salads when (a) it’s cold outside and (b) the produce is expensive, which was basically all through winter until now. The recipe I tried this week is another one from Cookies and Kate. It’s a quinoa broccoli slaw with fresh basil, baby spinach (that I added myself) and a maple-mustard dressing. It originally uses honey, but I got myself a jug of maple syrup so I thought hey, why not make it vegan. :3

The afternoon was spent blogging, reading blogs, Youtubing.. you know, all the fun stuff on the internet. :3 Then Mama Rae cooked up a delicious dinner as usual.
Rice // scrambled eggs w/ scallops and scallions // cabbage, enoki + oyster mushrooms
We couldn’t help but go outside to take a walk in the sun. When we got home, we dug into dessert.. Korean melon! I think this was probably my first time trying it, and I think I like it. The taste is quite mild, but I find melons like honeydew and cantaloupes too sweet for me, so this was just right.

That’s about it for my weekend, I hope everyone enjoyed theirs too. (: I have a wonderful math test first thing in the morning and since I’m most likely not gonna study, I think I should probably at least head off to bed soon.. till next time!

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