The Foundation

[04/03/2015] On Good Friday, Naomi, Arathy and I transformed into hipsters to visit The Foundation. No actually, we’re totally hipsters to begin with. (; 

The Restaurant


To simply put it, this place is the epitome of hipster. Its definitely a spin from other vegetarian eateries! The exterior had graffiti all over, while the inside portrayed the same theme. (The outside looks seriously really sketchy if I’m being completely honest ahah..) All the staff here were all very much into play as well. The beanies, plaid.. Oh and the music, what are they even singing (or should I say shouting) about 😛
Don’t be surprised by the bathroom. I took a picture in there just to warn you all. 
This seems to be a fairly popular place, we came early at 5 and already, more than half the place was filled. We were situated on the other side of the restaurant, but by the time we left, this side was filled up as well.

The Food


The Foundation serves up unique vegetarian dishes.. I guarantee they’re unlike anything you’ve tried before! The names of them are quite interesting too. 

Utopian Nachos: The small is not small at all. Trust me when I say it can easily fill up hungry bellies of 3-4 people. I failed to convince my company to just stick with ordering this, rather than ordering additional dishes, because they both had things they wanted to try. In the end though, we all agreed that just this would’ve been enough for the three of us. And yes, I’m still talking about the small. 
Okay onto the actual dish. The nachos came hot and crispy, with a bed of multicoloured corn tortilla chips and a plethora of melted cheddar cheese, black beans, jalapeño, and corn mounted on top. On the side were sour cream and some salsa. There wasn’t a lot of heat in the salsa, instead, it was a little sweet. However, I found the cheese rather salty and rubbery, and it wasn’t stringy at all! Overall, we found this slightly on the greasy side, but considering the large portion, it was definitely not bad for the price. (3/5)
Arathy picked the Satay, a salad consisting of tofu and mixed greens. It comes with broccoli too but Arathy asked for none. The dressing here, which is supposed to give it that Thai flare, is a peanut sauce. Arathy described it as “diluted blobs of peanut butter” slathered on some veggies. She didn’t enjoy this at all, and gave it (2/5).
Naomi chose the Tropic Option. This is essentially a sweet curry with tofu and fruits– strawberries, peaches, raisins- and for $1 more, she got quinoa. She didn’t think the combination worked at all and struggled to finish it.. Her rating was (2/5).


Having heard some dissatisfaction, I was surprised by my salad. I got the Tight Spin, consisting of spinach, pear, sunflower seeds, goat cheese and a mango sauce. This wasn’t mindblowing or anything but still pretty tasty, and I certainly enjoyed it a lot more than my two friends had with their dishes. I do think that there was a bit too much goat cheese, with some unevenly giant chunks. Goat cheese has a strong, salty flavour, so that was overpowering. The mango sauce was also on the sweeter end, it reminded me of mango smoothies, except a lot more syrupy. (3/5)



Final Thoughts

I thought the food was okay, but I had to consider the criticisms of my comrades too. Naomi has been here previously and liked the food she had, so I guess the dishes are kinda hit or miss. They are notably creative though, spicing up vegetarian dishes in totally new ways! The nachos were of great value, with reasonable prices for the rest of the menu. What makes this place unique is the atmosphere for sure. Will I return? Probably not for a while, though I’m not completely against the idea.
1: Terrible | 2: Poor | 3: Average | 4: Good | 5: Excellent
Food: 2.5/5
Service: 3/5
Value: 3.5/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Overall: 3/5
The Foundation on Urbanspoon

I’m not really sure of the prices because it was so long ago when I went here, sorry about that! But hey, at least I’m finally catching up right. (; 


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