Weekend Reflections // Mother’s Day

I’ve been crazy busy at school lately! It’s the AP time of the year, and thankfully I only have one this year and I got it over with on the first day. (: As you can see, I haven’t been very active on here at all.. and neither have I visited any new restaurants because I’ve been locking myself in my house in the name of studying. Buuuuut you follow me on instagram (@momentswithrae), you would know the success of that. I just end up procrastinating with all sorta of baking experiments in my kitchen. xD I have tons of posts to catch up on, including my April favourites! I actually had a lot that I wanted to mention for the month but it looks like it’ll be much delayed, or perhaps I’ll combine it with May since I haven’t really explored much this month. 😛 Besides that, I still have reviews back from March that I have yet to write up. Anyways, it’s too a special of a weekend not to do a weekend reflections on, so I hope you enjoy reading this quick post! 


I had a music theory exam today for Analysis.. Sarcastic yay but hey, it’s my very last one before I can apply for my ARCT diploma so.. SO LONG TORTURE! 
Spent the first half of the day before the exam studying.. how exciting. 
Not cramming last minute, of course not.. 
Exam didn’t go so well, I’m glad I brought mangoes to snack on afterwards because sweets make me very happy. :3
Once I finished my food and got over the fact that I did poorly, I left and headed off to prepare for Mother’s Day! 
Here’s what picked up, any guesses? 




Here comes the highlight of my weekend! Wishing all the beautiful mothers (of course, mine is the most beautiful ;D) and motherly figures out there a wonderful Mother’s Day today! Us teenagers are often moody and seemingly uncaring, but really, we do appreciate all that you do for us! Honestly, Mama Rae is the most influential person in my life, it’s safe to say that she’s the one I trust the most too! I’m an only child, so our bond is pretty strong. I don’t feel much of an age gap with her, which is strange to say because she’s a whole generation above of me, but it’s true! Sometimes I can just treat her as a friend and rant to her about school, boys, life in general… and she’ll be there to listen. Obviously, we have disagreements and argue a lot too, but at the end of the day, we lubbbbb each other. If you’re reading this mommy (which you’re probably not because you just scroll to see the pictures), I love you very much and thank you for everything!
This morning, I preheated the oven, prepped some ingredients, and headed off to superstore.
What for? To pick up some gorgeous pink carnations for Mama Rae.  
I actually mixed the dry ingredients last night because I’m usually a klutz in the kitchen and end up taking 25 times as long as the prep/ cooking time addressed on recipes.. xD Before I left the house, I also mixed in the wet ingredients, so I just had to combine the two and shove it in the oven when I came back! My oven takes close to an hour, no kidding, to preheat to 425F, so I saved lots of time! 
So the “gift” I planned for Mama Rae this year was a breakfast in bed! Served on my fancy new bamboo fibre tray are the vegan pecan banana scones fresh from the oven, strawberries that I cut into hearts (or at least tried to.. :P), apples (peeled because Mama Rae hates fruit skins) and a cup of lemon black tea
Along with the food are the flowers and a hand written card. (: These delicious scones are made from Cookie and Kate‘s recipe, and I drizzled mine with a super improvised banana flax maple glaze.. which I made with my extra mashed bananas. Can’t let food go to waste! (; 
Mama Rae really loved what I put together, so if you guys need a little idea for next year, why not give the breakfast in bed idea a go? In fact, anything homemade would be great! I’m sure your mom will notice and appreciate the effort you put into a simple, yet meaningful gift from the heart. 
After breakfast, chats and cleanup, I spent the rest of my morning in the kitchen prepping lunch for the week.. I tried Minimalist Baker‘s vegan shepherd’s pie, but mine didn’t turn out so well. It tasted wonderful and it made a hearty meal, but the pie just didn’t really hold its shape. ): I wonder what went wrong.. 
After lunch, it was time to get going with studying. At around 6, we headed out the door for a special mother’s day dinner. We decided to go somewhere close by, so I took my mom to Trattoria! I’ve been here previously with my friends when they first opened (you can read my review here) but Mama Rae has never tried it. It just so happens to be Pizza Sunday again… :3 
I think I’ll do another collective review in the future. I’m sure I’ll be revisiting again with my friends since its so conveniently near our neighbourhood. 
We couldn’t get a good shot of us together at the restaurant, but hey here’s a selfie! (I hope Mama Rae doesn’t see this because she told me not to post pictures of her. Ahaha oops?) 

Technical difficulties getting pictures uploaded to the computer and editing them on time.. so its Monday already by the time you see this. Hope the Monday blues wasn’t too bad haha.


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