Sushi S

[03/29/2015] I was volunteering for a JDRF workshop on this rainy Sunday a while back, and decided to stop by Sushi S for a quick lunch on my way home. Table for one, why not! 

The Restaurant



Walking in, it is quite obvious that the placeis not authentically Japanese. Instead, you can tell it’s Korean-run, with the blasting of K-pop and staff communicating in Korean.


Despite visiting at peak lunch hours on a Sunday, it was not terribly busy. I can tell some people are flowing in afterchurch haha. Perhaps the rain stopped anyone else from getting out of bed. 😛


The Food


The menu is a simple double sided lamination. You have your standard appetizers, rolls, nigiris, sashimi, and hot meals. They have a lot of unique combinations in their rolls, I’ll have to try them sometime.

Since I was alone and not particularly hungry, I went for an appetizer and roll. It was just the the right amount for me.


Tako Sunomono ($4.00): I restrained from ordering a seafood salad and calling it a day, because I always get that and its not very exciting. So, I ordered a sunomono salad this time. This one has three slices of tako, or octopus, but they other varieties as well. The spiralized carrots, purple cabbage and sliced cucumbers were fresh and crisp, while the glass noodles had a bouncy texture. All this was thrown with a refreshing, sweet and tangy vinaigrette. However, I found the squid rather tough. (3/5)

As for my maki, I picked their Vege Roll ($4.00). This had a decent amount of filling with an assortment of vegetables, including cucumbers, bell peppers, daikon, avocado, yam tempura and oshinko, or pickled radish, and it comes with 6 pieces. They also added on a sweet sauce. I didn’t like it too much though, since it was thick and gloppy, and the flavour was overpowering in combination with the pickled vegetables. (3/5)



Final Thoughts

Sushi S is a pretty standard sushi restaurant- typical menu items, decent prices. So, if you’re ever in the area and wanting sushi, it’s not a bad choice. Service wise, it was alright. The staff weren’t notably friendly but they were swift with their tasks. 
1: Terrible | 2: Poor | 3: Average | 4: Good | 5: Excellent
Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Value: 3/5
Ambiance: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

Sushi S Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon



With AP and final exams all coming up, I apologize in advance if my postings become sporadic.. as you can see, I’m already super behind on my restaurant reviews ahaha.. must resist going out to new places until I catch up! Good luck to everyone else with their studies. (: 

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