Happy Easter! (+ Granville Island Public Market)

Happy Easter everyone! I hope everyone has a fun and safe long weekend with their loved ones. ❤ Since I’m not religious, I don’t have any special celebrations to attend.. instead, I’ll be staying home and studying for my upcoming exams. ): But because it is a 4 day long weekend and I do want to have some sort of a life, I decided to take Good Friday off as a free day! I did absolutely no homework yesterday, it was all fun and games. 😛 
The first thing Mama Rae said when she woke up in the morning yesterday was, “LET’S GO TO GRANVILLE ISLAND“. How spontaneous, but why not? After fueling up with some breakfast, we headed out. The weather wasn’t the prettiest (#raincouver), so we mainly stayed indoors and strolled around the Public Market. Then, we went across the road to the artsy Net Loft building, and hung out for a bit before returning home for lunch. I thought I would share with you some pictures I took while I was there. It’s nice being a tourist in your own city sometimes.. (: 


Check out all the pretty greenery and flowers.


This is my favourite out of everything.. c: 


Loads of locally grown, fresh, organic produce! (Most I can’t afford… :P) 
Yummy berries. ❤ 


Tiny witto avocado. :’D
Say cheese! 


For the meatatarians! xD
There were so many yummy treats around, in chocolatiers, bakeries, and other food vendors.
Macaron Tower #1


Macaron Tower #2


Pie galore!


Chocolate and candy.. in time for Easter. ^^
Here’s my new friend, Duke.
I want those portabella mushrooms. 
Mama Rae also dropped by JJ Bean for her coffee fix. :3 


Onto the shops in the Net Loft..
 Beautiful display on the outside of the building.


 Unforunately, many of the stores here didn’t allow photography.. ): 


I loved this place hehe.



So many hats..
.. and a piano too 😀

Anyways, that was our visit to Granville Island.. I spent the rest of the day lounging around, working out.. then I went out with my friends to The Foundation! (Review is on my to-do list :P) Hope you all have a great Easter holiday again! 

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