Le Marché St. George

[03/22/2015] This post for Le Marché St. George is so long overdue! I went with one of my closest friends, Nintendo DS, from elementary school (6 years of friendship and counting! <3) on the very last day of spring break before school started again.. Since it was a special occasion at a highly praised place, I wanted to make sure the review matched up to it! 😛 

The Restaurant

Le Marché St. George is located in the corner of a small neighbourhood near Main Street. If you don’t know its existence, you would easily drive by without distinguishing it from the other houses. However, the place has gotten so popular that it’s no longer a secret, and you have to be on the steal for a seat! 

St. George Street hmm..
 Le Marché also sells different products- food, clothing, etc.- from time to time. They recently launched an online shop on their website too. 
Here’s a whole bookcase full of their goodies. 

There are a couple of tables outside on the perimeter of the shop, as well as a few, including communal ones, inside. We were lucky enough to snatch ones by the window, after waiting for a bit outside. 
It’s a modest, rustic, little cafe. I just love the vintage feel! 

The Food

We each started off with some coffee. 
 DS tried the London Fog (12 oz, $3.90), which is essentially an earl grey latte, with its layer of frothy milk foam. I had a sip of this and it was very aromatic with the flavour of tea! (4/5)
I went for a heavier option with a Macchiato ($3.05) for myself, which comes in a little shot cup. You can definitely taste the strong essence of espresso. (4/5) 
 The Pain aux raisins ($3.70) was your typical raisin bun. With the right amount of sweetness from the ample raisins, the bread was pillowy soft. (3/5)
Since we went for lunch, we got two savoury dishes to share. Unlike the buns and pastries, these items are made fresh upon ordering.First off was an Asparagus and Asiago Quiche ($7.50). This was sliced in half which made it easy to share. The custard was smooth, with a subtle, eggy taste, but there could’ve been more cheese to build up the flavour. Unfortunately, the crust was not as crispy as we hoped (perhaps we took too long with the photography xD), though it was very flaky and buttery. I also found the asparagus slightly overcooked and tough.. (3.5/5)

Le Marché offers a wide variety of crepes, both sweet and savoury, and you can pick between whole wheat or buckwheat flour. They have daily specials for them as well. 

We opted for the special of the day Savoury Crêpe ($11.95) with buckwheat flour, which has goat cheese, zucchini and pesto. Opposite to the mildly seasoned quiche, we thought this was slightly too salty from the accenting goat cheese, pesto, and generous sprinkle of Parmesan on top. Even though the crepe was nice and thin, it did have a substantial amount of filling. I enjoyed the wholesome buckwheat batter myself, which was hearty and full of textures! (3.5/5)

Sharing is caring! (;
 Both of the plates come with a simple salad of organic mixed greens, tossed in balsamic vinaigrette

Final Thoughts

 The most prizing aspect of Le Marché would definitely be the atmosphere of the shop, but I really like the coffee too. The food is not as impressive, though it is still decent. 
 Food: 7.5/10
 Service: 8/10
 Value: 8/10
 Ambiance: 10/10
 Total: 8.5/10 
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