Noms of March

This month’s collection of noms is a little smaller, due to the fact that I was vacationing in China half the time, obviously going out and indulging a lot. However, I still have some healthy meals from before and after my trip that I wanted to share with you. Stay tuned for the rest of the China Travel Diary as I periodically release the entries over the next couple of weeks! (:




left: oatmeal w/ bananas, pumpkin seeds | right: greek yogurt w/ blackberries, bananas, hemp hearts, flax seeds, coconut chips


left: strawberry avocado toasts // baked avocado egg // asian pears | right: berry overnight oats w/ fresh apples, strawberries, coconut chips, pumpkin seeds
left: toasts w/ caramelized bananas, pumpkin seeds | right: oatmeal w/ apples, bananas, almonds, pumpkin seeds

left: greek yogurt w/ oranges, flax seeds, cashews, coconut chips | right: strawberry chia pudding w/ almond butter

left: greek yogurt w/ flax seeds, hemp hearts, pumpkin seeds, strawberries, coconut chips | right: sweet potato oatmeal w/ chopped cashews


left: avocado oatmeal w/ poached egg | right: apple cinnamon baked oatmeal w/ almond butter (recipe by Naturally Ella)




left: quinoa salad {baby spinach, red bell peppers, scallions, mushrooms} // baked cod fillets {seasoned w/ parsley, rosemary, paprika} | right: savoury oats w/ red bell peppers, baby spinach, smokey tuna {seasoned w/ paprika}, sunny side up
left: fried quinoa {w/ bell peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers, scallions, chickpeas, red kidney beans, white kidney beans, black-eyed eas, romano beans, lima beans} | right: tuna avocado toasts // strawberries


egg salad pita wraps {eggs, greek yogurt, bell peppers, cucumbers, scallions, baby spinach}



banana coconut oatmeal muffins


left: banana oatmeal cookies | right: cucumbers, red bell peppers, carrots w/ hummus {topped w/ paprika, parsley}
left: apple mozzarella sandwich | right: green smoothie {banana, spinach, almond milk} // popcorn {w/ coconut oil, paprika}


left: apple slices w/ almond butter | right: baked banana w/ greek yogurt, coconut chips, hemp hearts




left: stir-fry bok choy, enoki // steamed fish // white rice | right: stewed eggplants w/ minced pork // lemon baked salmon // stir-fry squid w/ bell peppers, onions // white rice


left: stir-fry mushrooms, lotus roots, scallions // steamed grass carp // dace fish paste stuffed peppers // sweet potatoes | right: baked sole {seasoned w/ paprika, parsley} // roasted cinnamon sweet potatoes // stir-fry mushrooms, bell peppers // mixed spring greens




Finally getting back into the groove of things after 2 full weeks of pigging out in China, can’t wait to try out new delicious, healthy recipes in the month of April! Of course, still some treats and eating out here and then. In fact, I have quite a couple of restaurant reviews on queue that I have yet to write.. 😛 
Thanks for reading!

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