March Roundup

March went by unacceptably fast (I feel like I say this every month).. It was like my two week spring break had just started but nope, I’m back in school. ): Anyways, here is this month’s roundup! 




Favourite Things


To eat.. 

Avocados. What happens when your mom buys a bag of avocados from Costco? Well first, you have to go through an agonizing period of waiting for the fruits to ripen, but then once they do, you go through a phase of obsession. Avos are so versatile, and there are a billion and one ways to use them in recipes. You can add them to salads, make guacamole, the possibilities are endless! 
My favourite ways to eat them include mashing them up and using that as a spread for toasts, and baked avocado eggs! I think avocados and eggs make an impeccable combination. c: 

Almond butter. I finally got myself to purchase some almond butter. For the longest time, I didn’t because no one else in my family likes nut butter and I thought I would have trouble finishing a whole jar of it. Plus, almond butter is on the pricier range of things.. (Once I get a food processor, I shall make my own!) However, I saw it on sale at Superstore (although it was barely a dollar off LOL) and couldn’t resist no more. The moment I tried it, I knew I was wrong. This jar of creamy, nutty goodness wouldn’t last very long at all. 😛

This is MaraNatha’s natural almond butter, made with nothing but raw almonds. Nut butters are full of nutrients and healthy fats, but things to look out for are the preservatives and added salt and sugar. You don’t want any of those stuff in your system! I made sure to buy one that was completely natural, some of the ones I saw had really funky ingredients in them.


I love using almond butter as a dip for fruits. One day, I literally brought a butter knife to school to spread it onto my banana. I think people judged me, but they’re the ones missing out. (; 
Traditional Medicinals’ Hibiscus Tea. I stepped out of my usual green tea to try some new things! This hibiscus tea, which I picked up at Superstore (it was on sale too c;<), is absolutely delicious. It’s an herbal tea so it’s completely caffeine free, but its so sweet and refreshing. Even without the caffeine, you get a good boost of energy! The ingredients here are all natural, and they happen to be organic as well. 


Dimpflmeier’s Organic Spelt & Wild Rice Sourdough. I don’t eat a lot of bread because I find that carbs give me a huge insulin spike then leaves me crashing and hungry in no time.. Even whole wheat toasts don’t keep me satisfied for very long. On that same trip to Superstore, I spotted some spelt bread, and decided to give it a try. Dimpflmeier has a whole range of organic, quality breads, made with spring water, and I’m excited to try some of their other products. (This is not sponsored, oh I wish it was LOL.) They are on the pricier end.. However, you get your money’s worth, and as I mentioned, I don’t eat bread very often so I’m willing to spend a little more on quality. 😛 I find that these keep me fuller for a lot longer than regular bread, and I do appreciate the hearty, grainy textures. If you like textures, you’ll probably like these.



I love the short, pronounceable ingredients list! Most breads are full of refined flours, GMOs, and other nasty chemicals.


To do…


Before spring break started, I borrowed two books from my school library to bring with me to read on the plane to my vacation in China (which brings us to another topic.. :3). That didn’t work out though because I just ended up watching movies ahaha.

Anyways, the first was Super Immunity, which I finished reading. This book was such an eye-opener to the world of health and nutrition, and the role that food has on protecting us from diseases. I learned so much more about the power of wholesome food that nature has to offer, and the importance of nourishing your body with them. I really like the charts and graphs here, that provided interest among the pages and pages of words. There’s a whole section of recipes at the back too, along with a meal plan for people that are turning their lifestyle into a healthier one. (: 

And the second is Food Inc.. I’m only a few chapters in but this is already quite intriguing. I’m sure most of you have watched the documentary, but I haven’t myself. I don’t think I can handle the gruesomeness of it, and that’s why I decided to read the book instead. This way, I can educate myself and gain some knowledge about the relation of industrialization and our food system, without being too uncomfortable.



Favourite People


On blogs…

Cynthia @ eatmunchlove: Well, eatmunchlove was actually one of the very first blogs I followed, that also inspired me to start my own.. so it was about time I mention it. (; Here you’ll find not only awesome Vancouver restaurant reviews, but also tons of delicious recipes. I have so many eatmunchlove sweets that I wanna give a try!

Selina @ Vancity Noms: I love Vancity Noms because the reviews are casual and fun to read,.. plus, you get them daily. I’ve been reading the posts religiously ever since Selina returned from her trip to Asia. c: This girl is hilarious too, and so relatable haha. I feel like I could be the just as clumsy sidekick of hers, except I have a lot more to learn.. such as how to increase my appetite. xD

On Instagram…

@celinaalisalam: Such stunning pictures here.. of both delicious food and breathtaking scenery.

@zestyvancouver: Another amazing Vancouver food Instagram..



& more…

I spent nearly half of March in China, during spring break vacation. So of course, I had to mention it in this month’s roundup! I had overall a super fun time, and I’ll be sharing all of my adventures in my China Travel Diary series.. Part 1 out of 5 is already up, click here is read about it. c:

Here are some snippets of my trip though!

You’ll have to wait to see the food. (; 

Another really cool experience was Dark Table! I went with Mama Rae, and it was both our first time blind dining.. Of course, a detailed review is coming along the way!


Hope March served you all well, it’s been only a week back at school but I’m already counting down the days until summer.. D: Best of luck to everyone else heading into AP exam and finals season!

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