[03/08/2015] I was never an extreme fan of Italian food but I’m all for going outside of my comfort zone to try new things, and that includes food. Trattoria recently opened their third location in South Burnaby, conveniently in my area. Hearing all the rave about it, Tray, Addy, Tako and I planned to try it out together. 



The Restaurant

As I mentioned, this is the third location of Trattoria, with the other two being in Kitsilano and Park Royal. It’s in the brand new Sovereign tower at the intersection of Kingsway and Willingdon, close to Crystal Mall/ Metrotown. Trattoria is a part of the Glowbal collection as well, with well-established restaurants such as Coast, Black + Blue, The Fish Shack, and more. Like the others, Trattoria also offer promotions throughout the week. This includes Family Night on Mondays, (free meal for kids under 8, man I wish I was 8 again.) Wine Wednesdays, (50% wine.. or maybe I wish I was legal.), Tratt Tuesdays ($11 pasta!) and Pizza Sunday ($10 pizzas). My friends were kind enough to bid me farewell to China (for spring break vacation, I’m back now!) on a Sunday adventure, although I’m sure they enjoyed their Pasta Tuesdays without me while I was gone. 😛 
When we went, they were still having their soft opening, but already, everyone was talking about it. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that there isn’t any other Italian restaurants around to compare to. The grand opening was the following Wednesday on the 11th. 
Trattoria is casual Italian restaurant serving up all sorts of pizza, pastas and sharing platters. They have a stunning collection of wine on display, so I would say this is especially a great place for adults to hangout too. 
The interior is posh and chic, and you can see the chefs in an open kitchen. There’s a whole second floor too. I can imagine the place getting pretty noisy once it gets busier later on at night. 



The Food

Originally, we thought the $10 pizza deal on Pizza Sundays would apply to the ones on their menu, but it turns out that they are weekly specials from the kitchen. We did have a choice between three options though. 

Addy and Tako picked the option with salami and mozzarella (3.5/5), while Tray and I went for one that features a white sauce, onions, and arugula (3/5), both with freshly grated parmesan and cracked black pepper. Additionally, they gave us a little side dish of chili flakes, which I basically devoured on my own. Guess my comrades aren’t up for the heat. xD The pizzas here use a thin crust that wasn’t particularly crispy, and I wish it had more toppings in general. We all agreed that they were decent, but not the best. 
After finishing the two pizzas, we still weren’t satiated. The pizzas were large and each of us had two out the four slices, and yet the lack of toppings and thin crust made them relatively light. We then decided to split the last feature pizza between he four of us.  


Third time’s the charm because we were delighted to see how sizzling hot this pizza was when it arrived The cheese was stringy when you pull out the slice, like the ideal, and the grated parmesan literally melted within seconds of touching the surface. You can seriously see some of it still bubbling! We were joking that perhaps their oven wasn’t quite preheated the first time, since we were the first ones to order the featured pizzas haha. This one has two types of cheese, – mozzarella and I believe our waitress said asiago? (I’m sorry I’m no cheese expert)- broccolini and cherry tomatoes. The broccolini was super crunchy, and everyone said it resembles the taste of kale chips! Whereas the guys prefer their first meaty option, Tray & I loved this one. (3.5/5) 



Final Thoughts

It wouldn’t be fair to judge Trattoria solely based on their pizza, which were tasty, just not impressive. I will for sure return for their pasta dishes though! Service was great- the food came quick, our server was very friendly and patient, and I think it’s safe to say that none of us were thirsty with our cups being constantly filled. The manager even said “ciao” when we left. c: 


Food: 7/10
Service: 9/10
Value: 9/10 (based on Pizza Sunday price)
Ambiance: 9/10
Total: 8.5/10
Trattoria Italian Kitchen on Urbanspoon



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