Update | Away for Spring Break

Heyhey! Aren’t we all glad that school’s finally out after another 3 months of pure torture? Haha, despite all the homework, projects and tests I have, I’ll try to make the best of the 2 weeks I have before it all begins again.. and Term 3 is when the real thing starts with finals, provincials and AP prepping… ><

Anyways, just wanted to quickly give you guys an update! I’ll be spending most of break in mainland China, so don’t miss me too much when I’m gone. (; Meanwhile, you can stay updated with me on my instagram (@momentswithrae), that seems to be the one of the few social networks that isn’t blocked, at least not the last time I went back.. If all goes well, you’ll be seeing daily spam of my food. ;D Definitely no luck with Facebook, Youtube, Blogger, Snapchat, though..

My flight is tonight, well technically tomorrow because it’s after midnight, but I’m flying first to Hong Kong then transferring to Guangzhou. From there, my uncle and aunt will come and pick me up and we’ll drive back to our hometown. I’m estatic to return to the place where I spent most of my childhood in, and I always love my time spent back there (minus the pollution and speedy cars). Family, good food, shopping.. I absolutely can’t wait! Unfortunately, I’ll only be staying for a quick 10 days this time around, gotta be back for school.. ugh! 

I’ll probably try to schedule a post or two but I have yet to pack my suitcase so we’ll see how that goes first.



Aside from my travel diary, here’s a sneak peak of some restaurant reviews to watch out for soon..

Nuba Cafe // I actually went to Nuba with Naomi last week, but I just got around to writing up the review.. 😛 Lebanese food is yums. 

Secret Garden Tea // I won’t be around for Tray’s birthday this year, so I made sure to celebrate with her (and before anyone else hehe) before I left. We went for their High Tea yesterday!  

Trattoria // Trattoria’s Kingsway location is having their soft opening right now! My friends and I decided to go for lunch today (the day of my flight, before I even bother packing, talk about priorities xD) for their Pizza Sunday special. 



I’m excited to try out some new recipes when I’m back too.. Once we finish up with the whole hectic moving process and start to organize our apartment more that is.


Hope everyone enjoys their break (if you’re a student that is, if not then well, enjoy the following 2 weeks as usual!), and I can’t wait to share with you all my adventures in China afterwards. (: 
Talk to you soon! 
<3, Rae

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