Noms of Feb

And here are all my eats throughout the second month of February..! If you follow my instagram (@momentswithrae), you would’ve seen many of these already, I post pretty much daily of everything I eat there. xD





 left: greek yogurt w/ bananas, strawberries, coconut chips | right: chia oatmeal w/ apples, oranges


left: overnight oats {w/ kiwi, apple, coconut chips hemp hearts} | right: berry oatmeal {w/ bananas, pumpkin seeds}


 left: greek yogurt {w/ flax seeds, apples, kiwis, hemp hearts, coconut chips, almonds} | right: chia oatmeal {w/ mangoes, pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts}


left: greek yogurt {w/ flax seeds, grapes, apples, coconut chips, pumpkin seeds, almonds} | right: overnight oats {w/ dragonfruit, coconut chips, pumpkin seeds}


 left: greek yogurt {w/ flax seeds, asian pears, coconut chips, pumpkin seeds} | right: whole wheat toasts // scrambled eggs w/ scallions // grapes


left: yogurt parfait {w/ grapefruit, almonds, pumpkin seeds, coconut chips} | right: apple cinnamon oatmeal w/ chia seeds





 left: zucchini noodles w/ cherry tomatoes, pecans // stir-fry red onions // baked lemon cod | right: whole wheat macaroni {w/ fried egg, calamari, lettuce}


 left: mixed bean salad {beans, cherry tomatoes, red onions, celery, corn} w/ lettuce // baked salmon | right: baked sweet potato // cheesy bell peppers // tomato lettuce salad // sunny side-up egg


left: baked sweet potato fries // strawberry almond salad {w/ baby spinach, strawberries, almond, celery} | right: egg muffins w/ tomatoes, celery // roasted zucchinis, eggplants, sweet potatoes





 left: banana oatmeal cookies | right: 90% dark chocolate


 left: grapefruit // cashews | right: carrots w/ hummus


 left: banana // mary’s crackers | right: toast w/ strawberries, greek yogurt // almonds


left: baked zucchini fries w/ hummus | right: baked banana oatmeal w/ almonds





 left: brown rice // grilled pork chops // stir-fry squid w/ bok choy, red bell peppers | right: white rice // bok choy // braised beef shank // stir-fry leek, tofu , “white rice fish” // chinese roasted pork


left: taro cakes {w/ Chinese sausage, scallions, Chinese pickled mustard, shiitake} // dumplings w/ pork, veggies// braised sea cucumbers {w/ lotus root, shiitake, tofu skin, pork}, stir-fry Pacific clams {w/ asparagus, carrots, ink cap mushrooms} | right: wild rice & quinoa // broccoli, some sort of asian vegetable 😛 // baked chicken thighs



I hope you enjoyed scrolling through February’s gallery of munchies! c:





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