February Roundup

February has been a super busy time for me, and it flew by incredibly quickly.. With all the tests given as we approached the end of another school term, and moving out to a new apartment, I almost didn’t notice that an entire month has past! It doesn’t help that there’s only 28 days either. Anyways, time for another monthly roundup~ 




Favourite Things


To eat..


Chocolate. Enough said. Tray got me this delicious thing from Beta 5 and I’m seriously addicted. (Savouring the last few bites of the bar as I’m typing this…) I usually tell people that I don’t like chocolate but that’s not exactly the case. I’m just super picky when it comes it, finding most to be too sweet.. it has to be as dark as can be! Well, I’ve never tried anything above the 72% cocoa that Mama Rae buys from Costco until now, but this one here is the Darkest Bar, which is 90% dark chocolate. Gasp. There’s this indescribable indulgence in the bittersweetness, so silky, smooth, rich.. I don’t think I can ever go back to anything less.. Next up is 99% cocoa! xD


Made with a short list of pronounceable, quality ingredients, I would say this is a pretty healthy choice. Dark chocolate has some added health benefits compared to regular chocolate, including loads of antioxidants!


I’ve been also loving grapefruits. I don’t think I’ve ever had grapefruits before, aside from the artificial flavours of candies and sodas.. or at least I don’t recall ever trying any.. Therefore, I was so stoked to try them when Mama Rae bought a bag from Costco (it’s all about Costco)! So juicy and tangy, I can finish the whole gigantic thing myself in one sitting haha.. 

To do…

I’ve been sticking to my usual fitness routine with pilates, yoga, and occasionally HIIT. A few videos that I had fun with this month are the Whoa Whoa Whole Body Workout and Quick Sweat Fat Burning Circuit, but I tend to just pick random videos to do whenever I’m up for some exercise!
I’ve been reading quite a lot too! If you remember from my New Year’s resolution post here, one of the goals I have for the year is to read more, so by a lot, I mean reading at least a few pages every day. (Some days I go through chapters after chapters though, it all depends on my mood.) Compared to before when I used to never find time to read, a little reading is better than none, yes? (; At the moment, I’m enjoying The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, one of the books on my school library’s reading recommendation list. I’m halfway through and so far, I really enjoy it. Randy Pausch was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and this book is about the last lecture he gave before he passed away, as the title suggests. It’s got some good morals and it’s both witty and inspiring. I also wanted to share with you guys this blog post on 8 Ways to Worry Less, because we tend to worry excessively. 



The sun! I’m so glad the gloomy days are finally gone. Wait nevermind, I take that back. It’s Raincouver so the rain never fully departs but hey at least the sun has been making some appearances lately.

It’s still freezing cold but I can already feel spring approaching. (: Sunny days = happy me.

Apps that I’ve been loving include Grid Diary and Instagram! It’s not like I just got instagram but I did recently make a new account dedicated to food. Follow me @momentswithrae, yup shameless self promotion again. c:

Grid Diary is a journal app that I discovered at the beginning of the year, and I’ve been writing in it consistently every night. It is free but since I received an iTunes gift card, I decided to upgrade it to the pro version with more features, for $4.99. There are many journal apps out there but I particularly like the structure of this one. Instead of given a blank space to type, you can customize the grids here with different questions. I find it difficult to start writing with nothing, so it’s nice to have these questions as prompts to get me going. Journaling keeps me calm and connected with myself, and it’s almost like an outlet for me to release any stress, worries, and even resentment.





Favourite People


On blogs..

Anja @ Healthy, Simple, Clean: Anja is one of the most amazing people I met through the Blogilates app, she’s just so kind and supportive! Her blog was launched at the end of January, and now she has already an awesome collection of nutritious recipes up now. I’m sure you’ll love her posts!


Curtis @ Foodobyte: I’ve been reading Foodobyte for the longest time ever, wayyy before I started this blog. I just love the concise reviews here, along with the high quality photos. Whats even cooler is that Curtis studies Dietetics at UBC, which is exactly the program I want to go into post-secondary. Anyways, just wanted to give a quick shoutout to one of my all-time favourite Vancouver bloggers, who made my day by following me back. It means so much when your inspiration notices you, you know? (‘:

On Instagram..

@_masticate: I’ve been loving this bright, vibrant feed of deliciousness lately. Tons of nutritious as well as indulgent food! c: I’m not sure what @_masticate’s real name is, but she seems to be a really nice gal. (: 

@parisbyvegan: Noémie is a vegan Instagrammer who lives in my (and many others’) dream city Paris, France- how amazing is that! Recently she held a shoutout contest for having reached 30k followers. (Congrats, girl. *insert enthusiastic cheer* :D) Of course I had to enter, and to my surprise, she actually featured me! She leaves the nicest comments ever too and if you’re not currently following her you’re definitely missing out on some beautiful food pictures. 



& more


If you happen to have followed my weekend reflection posts, then you would’ve heard about Project Pulse. If not, it was basically a health-science convention held at UBC that I attended at the beginning of the month, and I found it to be such an eye-opening experience. You can read about it in more detail here.



Hope you all had a great February, and thanks for reading!




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