Weekend Reflections // Forever Alone Day

Valentine’s Day is one of those things that most people either hate or love. I’m kinda just in between. While I agree that love should be of everyday existence and not shown only on a specific day, I don’t see the point in bashing on the holiday either. You see, I’m not one of those girls who get showered with endless bouquets of roses and boxes of chocolate, I’m single and secret-admireless as hell.. :’D but I still see Valentine’s Day as a fun way to celebrate! Whether it’s with your significant other, friends, family, your cat, stuffed animals, pizza, or Netflix, it really doesn’t matter. Who doesn’t love red and pink and hearts and flowers everywhere? Plus, chocolate will be on sale on the 15th. 
This year, as it has always been, I’m single.. but that doesn’t make me alone. 





At school, the Grad Council always sell roses to raise funds and delivers them in time for the holiday. This year, Wifey, Waddles, Adri and I decided sent each other roses because no one loves us just for the fun of it. Seriously, no shame.. Galentine’s all the way! I admit I used to be more or less disappointed never really receiving anything from the so-called “secret admirers” (and my group of friends didn’t waste the money to send each other this stuff), from elementary up till now, I’m sure others can relate.. versus other girls who would get too many flowers to carry, but honestly who cares! Chocolate, roses, love-o-grams or whatever they call them are simply materialistic indications and just because you don’t receive any doesn’t mean you’re not loved. Because you are. I think it’s more meaningful to give gifts to that special someone in person anyways, rather than having the school deliver it for you, or better yet, spend some valuable time with them. Roses wither, but memories last.


Some clubs in our school also stick up corny pick-up lines to get us revved up into the Valentine’s Day spirit, my favourite so far is “I love food, but I might love you more”, ahaha it’s so me. 😛 We had matchmakers as well, $2 to support the Grad Council again and for some good laughs.


Last year, I had a fondue date with Tray at Capstone Tea & Fondue, but this year she’s got her bf. I suspected that she probably doesn’t need any more flowers, that’s what her boo is for. ;D With her being my closest friend though, I couldn’t go past V-Day without sending her a little love.. So instead, I bought her a singing telegram! Basically, you buy a song for someone and a group of choir students would go and sing to that person in their class. I thought it was pretty cheesy, but cheesy is perfect for the occasion. Among the list of songs was Just the Way You Are- Tray is quite fond of Bruno Mars and there was my pick. Little did I know, she sent me the exact same song LOL. I was writing a quiz test thingy during English last block, which was when they went around “delivering” these telegrams, so it was super awkward. My teacher ended up sending me out to the hallway and the choir girls began singing. Goosebumps everywhere, they were amazing.

A couple of days ago Mama Rae and I had an interesting conversation about “finding your love” that sort of sparked some thoughts. We started off discussing about my university plans and she kid that I shouldn’t stress out nearly as much academically, and should focus on “finding” the right guy. (Since after graduation I’ll be too old and no one would want me anymore LOL thanks Mama.) This was where our opinions diverged. I don’t believe people should be consciously searching for someone, it’s not really possible to do so. Don’t get me wrong, you have to definitely open yourself up socially in order to meet people, but you can’t really just pinpoint down a person and call them your soulmate. Bam. You. Done. Let’s get married and have kids and live happily ever. No it doesn’t work like that. I think the right person will come in time, and when you do meet that person, you’ll know to treasure them and they will return the same affection. Maybe I read too many romance novels but that’s what I truly believe.. so don’t fret if you didn’t have a “Valentine” this year, you can say I was yours. (; 

Not only is it important to love your friends, it’s also important to take some time to love yourself. I didn’t go as far as buying myself roses but if I had the fortune I totally would LOOOL. Haha well afterschool, I had an upsetting encounter on the way home so when I got home, I decided to treat myself a bit. I started off with a pilates sesh (Summer Sweatfast and Extreme Abs), an instant mood booster, then made some yummy desserts.


This is a healthy, 2-ingredient soufflé modified from Mind Over Munch’s recipe here, and I’ll share my rendition after I’ve perfected it. I added toasted coconut chips and chopped almonds to mine, it was delicious! 

A lot of the times we forget to take care of ourselves but it’s really important that we do. Take some time away from the stress in school or work and, breathe, relax, and connect with your mind. Pamper yourself- do a mask, paint your nails, have a nice long bath.. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, do it. I understand that most of us are “too busy”, but honestly, it doesn’t take much time at all to implement some of these things into our routine.




Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! My V-day started off with of course, a workout. Today I did another of Fitnessblender’s HIIT workouts. Then I had a nice hearty breakfast that you would’ve already seen on Instagram if you follow me there.. which by the way you should totally follow. *winkwink* Haha I finally made a new account (@momentswithrae) dedicated to food posts which includes both healthy and restaurant eats, so go check it out if you want to keep updated with me. c: 
I had dinner plans with my friends and I wanted to make sure I get some work done before I go.. so thats basically how I spent the first part of the day.. We pigged out at Cactus Club, and a review is surely coming along its way. It was a Galentine’s night out well spent! 

I lubbbb you guys. ❤ And wow our eyes are like glittering LOL.
A little sneakpeak of what we ate before the review!

I talked about loving your friends and yourself already, but we can’t forget about the family. Simply said, these are the people that are the closest to you and you should always let them know how much you appreciate them. Mama Rae arranged her own little Galentine’s Day party with her friends too, and I’m sure they had a blast haha. 

I see red wine.
Got home close to 10ish and skyped Tray for an hour or so.. while editing some photos for the upcoming review! Gosh it’s almost 1am now, I never sleep this late haha.. 




Today was spent catching up on the remaining of homework that has to be done.. how exciting..
Shoutout to all my AP Psych & Human Geo friends that endure this cue card torture with me. 


And sticking to my Sunday routine, meal prep~ Baked some cute little vegetable egg muffins for the week.



Hope you all had a fun Valentine’s Day weekend, and thanks for reading!




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