Weekend Reflections // Birthday by the Sea

Ahh, long weekend.. a momentary breather from all the school torture! This week was nothing but tests and presentations, so I definitely needed some time to just relax. And I thought I’d bring you along on my weekend adventures, let’s go shall we? 😀




TGIF. Well, Wifey, Adri, Waddles and I sprinted out of that building as soon as the bell rang at 3:02 and headed straight to the bus stop, so long school! And yes, school ends at precisely 3:02, don’t ask me why.. Anyways, my mission for the day was to find a gift for a birthday gal so with my comrades, I hit Metro. Although the 3 hours of our present hunting mainly involved buying food, the task was eventually accomplished. I seriously haven’t been to the mall shopping for decades, and walking around there again felt strangely refreshing.. I totally did not get confused or lost. It’s nice to be able to chill with my friends on a Friday afternoon, putting all the stress from school aside. Adri went home first while Wifey and Waddles kept me in company, then since she had work, we decided to all visit her in her shop. C: Don’t worry, her boss wasn’t there so we didn’t cause any trouble, just annoyance hehe. 

Afterwards, I met up with Mama Rae at Ha Cafe for dinner. One of my favourite nearby Vietnamnese joint, I reviewed it before here.

Hot & Sour Fish with Rice


Then I went home, settled down, and set my alarm for 7:00am for the next morning..  




I always wake up before my alarm, guess that’s a good thing? I was on a schedule so I headed out the door after some breakfast fuel. 
It was a 50-minute commute, so I brought along some entertainment. Hey, I got the Ch. 11 reading done for my English class (yay for Lord of the Flies), talk about productivity! Simon, you were such a kindhearted soul sobsob. 


Hmm where was I going early on a weekend morning..? I was attending an annual health science-based conference called Project Pulse, and this year it has expanded to Vancouver. The event took place at UBC. There were a few hundred students from different schools all across Vancouver that came, and I went with my friend Angie. We also bumped into some familiar faces! 


Throughout the day, I listened through speakers including Mariko Miller- a representative from Doctors Without Borders (MSF)- university students, as well as professionals in the field. There were interactive activities that we did with designated groups- Angie and I were Group #19 with two other girls. While most groups had 6 members, we were clearly at a disadvantage.. what made it worse was that none of us knew anything LOL but we had fun regardless. There was an anatomy scramble, case studies, and a jeopardy game that we undeniably failed at. I can’t quite understand their marking system, because we ended up placing third in terms of points, and were awarded with free museum tickets to the Vancouver museum? Wows. 😀 All in all, the conference was a truly remarkable experience and I gained a lot of valuable information. 

Pizza and chips for lunch! Chips are made of potatoes, potatoes are veggies.. Pretty healthy. xD And check out these sugar cookies they had, aren’t they just so cute?


On the bus ride back home, I finished reading The Ocean at the End of the Lane. You might think I’m a book nerd judging from the books I carried but to be honest, this one was just overdue and I had to return it ASAP. 😛

Oh and that night.. this happened. I gave in. 





Sunday morning rain is falling~ Actually, for once, it wasn’t. Morning workout, check. Breakfast, check. Procrastination, triple check! Haha well I managed to do some homework before the Telus guy came and messed up our network, and for half the day my computer couldn’t connect to the internet, which I needed for some of my assignments. I was quite frustrated because I had plans later on that day and wanted to get at least a bit of something done so I could fully kick back and enjoy the night.. I tried to be flexible and work other stuff but meh, I could’ve been more productive without the connection problems.. But meh, that’s life right? 
I have the tendency to miss the bus, and even if I give myself extra time to get ready, I still miss it. LOL, so there I was, running down the street catching my bus, I made it just on time. 

Met up with Angie at the skytrain station and made our way downtown.. Wheeee, Miku here we come!


It’s about time I reveal the birthday girl, Janjan! Happy 17th birthday you gorgeous girl. c: I took so many pretty pictures of her but she’s not allowing me to post them ugh.. This doesn’t really count right?


That’s right, Minami followed by Miku.. you jelly? I’m not even complaining because the food is amazinggggg, and although it’s been only a week since I went to Minami, it felt like forever. The taste of their food lingered in my mouth, and I was dying to have some more. But, it was a special occasion and I didn’t want to ruin it by flashing my DSLR over the food and restaurant, so I won’t be doing a detailed review or anything.. Miku’s menu is quite similar to Minami’s anyways. We all of course did take tons of pictures on our phones because what a crime it would be to not share the works of (food) art and capture the precious moments from the celebration.

Oshi sushi, rolls, shabu shabu, prime ribs, seafood platters, mm mm mmm! By the way, Janjan’s birthday is Feb. 9th (today when I’m posting this), it was an early birthday dinner with her. 

Let’s just take a second to swoon over the beautiful night view by Coal Harbour. Fine dining by the sea, I like..


Janjan blew out the 2 candles from her beautiful Faubourg cake, and many pictures later, we ladies devoured it. This was the Poached Pear & Chocolate Charlotte, pftt the whole time I thought it was apple (it did have green apple gelee inside so close enough).. I swear I tasted hazelnut too, don’t know where that came from. As you see, my sense of taste still has plenty of room for improvement. (And I shamelessly call myself a food blogger, heh..) 

Dinner started at 5:30ish, and we finished at around 7:30. After the goodbyes and happy birthdays as we each parted from the skytrain stops, I finished off the day going grocery shopping at Superstore with Mama Rae. I guess here’s a mini grocery haul? I love grocery shopping, it’s the funnest thing ever.

Rolled oats, brown rice cakes, romaine hearts, cherry tomatoes, an odd tangerine, canned corn, canned bean, red onion, pumpkin seeds, pecans..





This Monday morning started off with a pilates session, my favourite. I did a couple of Blogilates videos- Total Body Challenge, Come and Get Fit, Extreme Obliques, and The Fox Challenge. Whoo, you sure got me sweating again Cassey!

Having gone out 3 days in a row, today I stayed home to get my lovely homework done.. Music analysis, biology, physics, math, social studies.. oh what fun! It’s ironic because I have the day off for Family Day, and yet I’m spending it with my textbooks.. Gotta show my textbook family some love. ❤

My unit test for the 1920s and the Great Depression is on Wednesday.. I’m depressed all right.

Got some errands done too- lunch prep, vacuuming, laundry.. Feeling quite accomplished hehe.

On the menu for this week is a mixed bean salad of corn, tomatoes, red onions and celery on a bed of romaine lettuce, dressed with a simple lemon cilantro dressing. To go along with that, a generous chunk of baked salmon fillet, my absolute staple for protein. (:

Gonna end off my night with some organizing (my school folders and binders are close to exploding).. then I’ll have a nice warm shower and off to bed I go.


Thanks for reading as always! I hope you spent Family Day wisely with your family, unlike me.. D: and I wish you all an awesome week ahead.




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