January Roundup

It’s that time of the month again (nonono, not that time of the month) when my Youtube subscription is bombed with monthly favourite videos from all the lovely beauty gurus.. and I thought it would be fun to share with you guys a roundup of things from January here on my blog too. Hope you enjoy~




Fave Things


To eat..

I go through weird phases in my life when I suddenly rediscover something I used to hate eating and start to obsess over them.. The recent case was bell peppers! Seriously, I used to absolutely despise bell peppers but now I love them! Red, orange, and yellow, just not the green ones. I can eat them raw or cooked, with dips, in salads, on their own, anything. The vibrant colours also make me very happy haha. Check out my recent recipe on tuna salad stuffed peppers!
It’s an amazing occasion when Mama Rae doesn’t reject the addition of “mysterious new health foods” into our Costco carts. (Mysterious to her, at least.) This week we finally picked up some hemp hearts and toasted coconut chips, which I’ve been eyeing for the longest time. They’re usually quite pricy but they actually on sale, yay! I couldn’t wait to try them so I already have. Hemp seeds have an interesting soft texture, and the flavour reminds me of pumpkin seeds. The coconut chips well, just taste like coconut chips, nice and crispy, and sweetened with coconut sugar.. plus, they smell heavenly! Both of these are great toppers for things like oatmeal, yogurt, salads..


At the beginning of the month, I went to The Naam with Naomi, and to this day, the taste of their Noh Pie still lingers in my mind. Ahh it was so creamy, rich, decadent.. can you imagine such deliciousness made with no dairy, no egg, no wheat, and no added sugars?

To do…

A few of my favourite workouts this month are from Blogilates- of course, what did you expect.First is the 6 Min to a Sexy Booty video. Squats and stuff tend to work my quads more than my butt, but man I felt the burn in my booty after this! Another of my all time favourites is the ABC Abs, which never fails to make my muscles sore the next day.
Something I started doing now is yoga and meditation. As a very generally tense and agitated person, I’m really learning to find the inner peace in myself. Yoga not only relaxes and calms me, but it also helps me connect my mind to my soul. Sometimes you have to let go of life for a second and live in the moment, and I think even just having short 20 minute sessions make a great difference in my days. This may all sound cliche but trust me, it’s true.

To wear…

One of my closest friends Tray gave me this pair of gloves for Christmas, which are sensitive to touch screen phones. It’s been pretty cold out and I find it super annoying having to constantly take my gloves off when I need to reply to a text or pick up a call.. so these are definitely dandy!


I’m a total fashionista so I’ve got to enlighten you all with my amazing sense of style. Totally joking, I’m only an average teenage girl who likes clothes. Quite a lot. 😛 Anyways, a closet essential for the winter would be thick, cuddly, sweaters. This tan cardigan here is one that I got my hands on from the Boxing Day sales at Forever 21. Don’t we all love clothes that just feel like blankets? (Rae is camera shy, so you only get the back view. And Wifey is not the best photographer, so you get a blurry pic of my back. Vintage said my backpack ruins the outfit, this is what school does to you. D:)



Fave People


On blogs..

Meaghan @ MsElephantHeart : I can’t even describe how much I love Meg and her blog! She’s a Vancouver-based food blogger, and she does reviews for different restaurants across the city. What makes her unique is her captivating sense of humour, and reading her posts always gives me a good laugh even on a bad day. She’s super sweet too. Not to brag or anything but like, she follows me on Instagram and comments on my stuff like oh em gee. LOL jokes. Well, it really does mean a lot for me as a complete newbie to have support like that, especially from someone that inspires me like her. (:
Stephanie @ Hello Natural : There are so many wonderful blogs I follow that I can list out forever but Hello Natural is definitely on the top. Her blog is a lifestyle blog that focuses on all the aspects of a healthy, balanced life- with lots of great info in posts about beauty, cleaning, DIYs, and recipes. Not to mention, her site has a beautiful design and her photos are simply wow.

On Youtube..

Besides Bubz and Blogilates, which are obviously my life inspirations, another channel I’ve discovered is Yoga with Adriene. Like I mentioned, I’ve started doing yoga and as a beginner, I find Adriene’s videos very helpful. She has a bright personality, and spreads positive, inspirational videos. I love starting off my mornings with this quick morning sequence, but I’ve been also trying a couple out of her 30 Days of Yoga video.

On Insta.. 

There are tons of amazing Instagrammers out there, all with gorgeous feeds that I admire. I find myself pondering just how exactly do they get such perfect angles, focus, and lighting on their pictures.. This month, I wanted to give shoutouts to some friends from the Blogilates community who trekked their way onto the Instagram road. c: 
Fiqah @ happinessinme_: With some of the most gorgeous oatmeal bowls, I consider her The Oatmeal Artist Jr. 
Rebecca @ eatwithintention: Rebecca is a plant-based gal who spreads beautiful, motivating messages in her delicious posts. 




& more


Last night, I attended a cultural event at school called “Taste of Asia”. While celebrating the Asian culture, the proceeds went towards BC Children’s Hospital, so great job everyone for organizing and performing! It was a night full of fun, amazing performances, and food. Temporarily setting aside the stress from school, I had a blast with my friends. 😀

There isn’t much more in mind this month, but if you’re up for a good read, here’s a quick article about finding happiness and peace



That’s all for January, stay tuned for February? ^^
Thanks for reading! 

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