Edible Canada [DOVF 2015]

[01/23/2015] The Dine Out Vancouver Festival for 2015 is finally here! It’s my first year as a food blogger (self-proclaimed, heh) so I was super excited to join in the fun. With the time being restricted to just a busy few weeks between mid January to February though, this may sadly be my only dine out experience this year. /: Hopefully I can find the time to go out again in the next week or so.. 
I’ve looked through a lot of menus on the website, and at last decided to take Mama Rae to Edible Canada! 



The Restaurant


Located in the heart of the beautiful Granville Island in the Public Market, Edible Canada is a Canadian bistro promoting local and sustainable foods. You can actually see the list of the farms they get their supplies from on their website, which is pretty neat. I was curious to see what this place has to offer, because really, what is Canadian cuisine? The only thing that my friends and I could think of was like.. poutine haha. Plus, I think it’s great to support local farms and the whole farm-to-table concept. 
Edible Canada provides a 3-course meal for $28 on their Dine Out menu, with some add-on options and drinks too. The $28 deal only has a couple of options, which I appreciated because once again, I’m extremely indecisive, especially when it comes to ordering food! Picking 2 out of the three appetizers and entrees for Mama Rae and I was a piece of cake.  And with the 2 desserts, one of each, pft easy. 


They have an open kitchen and a bar as well, offering a wide variety of wine and beer, as showcased in their liquor display. I found it funny how they constantly asked if I wanted to order some drinks, do I look like I’m out of highschool already? Oh how I wish I was. xD
The best options left available when I tried to make a reservation last week were 5:30pm and 8:45pm, so I chose the earlier time. Dinner here starts at 5, and there were several seats taken up already when we arrived. The restaurant is relatively spacious with lots of tables, but it got busy quite quickly as people continued to flow in.  



The Food

Our appetizers came pretty quickly, presumably prepared ahead of time for the event of Dine Out.




Wild Mushroom Carpaccio is a salad of arugula, leek, tons of mushrooms of course, tossed in an interesting leek ash vinaigrette. I liked the mix of  different types of mushrooms here- I’m no mushroom expert, but the one kind I can name is the obvious enoki on top, there’s way more beneath the greens though! There were some crunchy bits of I-don’t-even-know what they were but yeah, those added some nice textures. However, the mushrooms were intolerably salty from the dressing.. the aftertaste was so overwhelming! Mama Rae and I chugged down a few glasses of water afterwards, I’m not even kidding. (1/5)

They brought out a tray of pepper and salt for our meal- there were regular salt, bacon salt and chili salt. (Although I clearly didn’t need any with the already excessive saltiness of my salad.)

Mama Rae tried the Braised Smoked Beef Tongue, which was served on a toast with some greens, lardo, and pickled onions. The meat was soft and tender with good flavouring, and paired well with the bread. Mama Rae didn’t find it particularly special though. (3.5/5)





The entrees a bit longer to come, which we didn’t mind because we needed some time to settle down from our belly full of water.. We were expecting some hot food, but unfortunately, they turned out to be just awkwardly lukewarm.

Mama Rae wanted to try the Merrit Yak Stew. Seriously, who’s even had yak before? The stew had a decent amount of the yak, and some salsify, carrots, celery, and onions. Mama Rae wasn’t too impressed with her entree- she found the vegetables slightly too hard (but they were okay for me), and the meat rather bland. As you can see, the toast was burnt to the point of blackening too, but avoiding the burnt side, Mama Rae seemed to have liked the bone marrow butter that was spread on . (2.5/5)


At this point, we were a little disappointed.. but that’s when the game-changing Black Trumpet & Barley Risotto came into play. This was spot on! The combination of tender mushrooms (I seem to be on a mushroom kick, while Mama Rae on a bread fest.) and the ultra creamy risotto was so pleasing to my taste buds. There was a complementing cheesy flavour from the Blackburn cheddar, which I found to be at just the perfect amount. Some swiss chard was thrown in too for a boost of greens. If I were to be super critical, I would say that I would’ve liked it better if it was hotter, since there were clumps forming in the risotto. At first glance, the portion seemed ridiculously small in ratio to the gigantic plate, but it actually turned out to be pretty filling. I needed some help from Mama Rae to finish off my plate.. it was hard to convince myself to share though because it was so yummy! 😛 (5/5)

Uh they made a little booboo with this mysterious piece of skin of some sort.. o-o But I’ll let that slide for the amazing taste.







I went to the bathroom (TMI?) and our desserts surprisingly already there when I got back. I was sad to see the scoop of vanilla icecream on my Okanagan Apple Tart Tatin melting sobsob.. What made it worse was the fact that it was Earnest icecream! Everyone raves about this place, and my friend Janjan is pretty obsessed with them too, so I was stoked to finally try some myself. Maybe my expectations were raised high.. the icecream was really just okay.. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t taste bad or anything, I just thought it was too milky and lacked an actual vanilla flavour. Mama Rae, who might I mention, previously owned icecream parlours back in our hometown in China, agreed with me. The tart tatin itself was alright. I found it too sweet but the tartness from the layer of sliced apples balanced it out a bit. (3/5)

Mama Rae’s Chocolate Bread Pudding was quite delicious! It appears that I’ve been more appreciative of chocolate lately (with certain standards of course).. because I actually enjoyed this. Probably more than my tart. 😛 The four generous chunks of soft, bread pudding was soaked with a rich, aromatic chocolatey flavour, which had the perfect medium between sweet and bitter. Mama Rae picked off the crusts, mmm more crispy goodness for me! This was served with a drizzle of rye caramel. (4/5)



Final Thoughts

While the food was meh, Mama Rae and I definitely had a pleasurable time here. Well… besides the over-seasoned Wild Mushroom Carpaccio and charred toast, the food was actually not bad, though I’m not sure if I would pay the full price. Except the risotto, which I would totally come back for! In term of service, the staff were very welcoming and attentive, and always keen on filling our water. Perhaps not the most perfect first dine out experience, but nothing in life is. (;



Food: 6.5/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Value: 7/10 (based on Dine Out Prix Fixe)
Service: 10/10
Total: 8/10


Edible Canada at the Market on Urbanspoon







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