Tips for a Healthier You

I’m sure with the New Years and all, many of you have the resolution to live with a healthier lifestyle.. Here are some tips that will hopefully help you achieve that. In no way, shape or form am I saying that I’m perfectly healthy, I just wanted to share some things that I’ve learned over time with you. (: 


Find your target. To begin, it’s important to know what you’re striving for. Sure, you want to be “healthier”, but that’s so vague! Do you want to be fitter and stronger? Are you always lethargic and therefore want to boost your energy levels? To lose weight? Tone up? Build up confidence? There are so many reasons to why someone would want to change their lifestyle, figure out yours first. 
Why? Your drive should be all about you. Not to look like a certain person, not complying to what someone has said about you. You need to recognize that you’re doing this not for anyone else but yourself, because you care for your own body and health. 
Set goals. Now that you’re aware of what your objective and reason, it’s time to think about how. It takes baby steps to transition into a new lifestyle, and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight, especially if for most of your life, you’ve been living sluggishly. (Don’t worry, been there done that too. =w=) With your goals, keep them small and attainable. For example, instead of saying “I’m going to run a marathon”, brainstorm practical ways that will help you achieve that. Make sure they’re realistic, plan a schedule, and follow it. How about starting with “jogging around the block 3 times a week”? 

Nourish your body. To become a healthier person, you need to start from the within, which roots back to nutrition. Food fuels your body, and if you feed your body junk, it’ll reflect externally. That means to your level of energy, weight, and overall health, I cannot stress enough the significance of a healthy diet! I don’t like using the term “diet” because no, I’m not talking about a crash diet.. but rather, a sustainable way of eating fresh, wholesome foods. No amount of exercise can replace a well-balanced diet– it’s not about the number of calories, what matters is the quality of them. Some people question why I bother with eating healthy, well, the short answer is that it makes me feel great inside out.. I promise you’ll notice a huge difference too.

Be active. You don’t have to be super athletic and play sports, nor do you have to go to the gym. If that’s your thing though, by all means go ahead! Personally, P.E. was my worst course, and the gym is just too expensive/ far for me.. If that’s also your case, search up on Youtube for quick, easy at-home workouts. (My favourite channels are of course Blogilates & Fitnessblender.) For something of lower impact, try yoga (I recently discovered Yoga with Adrienne) or even simply do some stretches. Maybe you really despise the idea of exercising, at least get up and start moving a bit! Rather than slouching around at your computer desk all day, go for a casual evening walk (by the beach) outside.. (jokes about the beach, unless you have a beach near you and if you do, why wouldn’t you.) If the weather is bad, heck, just roam around your house or something. Every little bit counts. 😛

{left: me and my favourite Nike hoodie on a gloomy day | right: summer hike with my beaten up runners}


Sleep. As a highschool student myself, I understand how neglected sleep is for most people my age. I used to be a night owl too, staying up until who knows when doing homework procrastinating and even without homework, I could easily text the hours away. I often slept at 2 or 3 in the morning, getting barely 4-5 hours of sleep before the alarm screamed at me to get out of bed for school. At school, I was of course exhausted and falling asleep in class (plus, I had math first block, just no..), like everyone else. Then the cycle continued! I can’t remember what brought me to change my habits, but now on a regular school day, I sleep no later than 11pm, waking up naturally by 6.. People think I’m crazy, but hey I’m just giving my body the rest it deserves. I’m sure your parents have nagged you enough to sleep earlier and more, but seriously, listen to them (and me), and aim for 7-9 hours every night. Sleep is so vital for your health, protecting you from cardiovascular diseases and others, strengthening learning and memory, on top of that, it affects your metabolism and weight as well. (Trust me, I just completed a unit on this stuff in Psych.)

Be motivated. The gym is usually full during the first week of January right after everyone vows to their resolutions.. but from then on, it’s mostly dead silent. Why? People lose motivation. Post those quotes and pictures everywhere around your house. Follow those fit girls on tumblr and Instagram. Do whatever it takes to keep you motivated and on track. Think of where you want to be and don’t give up!

Love yourself. Okay, those fit girls on tumblr and Instagram that you’re following look fabulous, but see them as inspirations, and don’t ever compare. We’re all different people at different places in life so it really makes no sense to compare anyone.. and besides, many of them are photoshopped anyways. 😛 You’ve got to learn to accept and love yourself at this very moment because Bruno Mars was right, you’re amazing just the way you are. We are all created as unique individuals with our own purpose in this world, and you are so much more than the digits on the scale, a chart, your report card, etc. Coming from some who struggles with self-contentment, I know this isn’t easy to implement.. so we’re on this together. 😀

Be happy. No matter what life throws at you, just know it’ll only be better from here. Pick yourself up when you fall, and that’s right, keep walking straight ahead with that beautiful smile of yours. As long as there’s tomorrow, there are new opportunities and chances.Life is a long journey and you have a lot of wonderful things waiting for you. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I just remind myself that the negativity I’m clouded with is only temporary, because it is. I love this video by Bubz about happiness, it’s truly inspiring. She posted this recently too, seriously, she’s so asdfghjkl;.. (I will refrain from fangirling. :3) Surround yourself with positive people, think optimistically, and do what make you happy. 



You see.. I’m really no motivational speaker, I can’t write deep insights of life (unlike Naomi), but regardless, I wanted to express some of my thoughts. c: 

I’ve been gone for a while and that’s because school started again for me this week! I’ll try my best to keep the blog active, updating once a week at a minimum. Hopefully once I settle in I can decide on an actual posting schedule. Thanks for reading as always! 

All the best.


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