Gratitude & Resolutions

With 2015 just a sleep away, I thought it would be fun to share with you guys things that I’m currently grateful for and some resolutions for the upcoming year.





I was inspired by Naomi’s post (check it out here) to reflect on what I’m grateful for. Gratitude is such an important quality and when you turn your attention to appreciate often the smallest of things, you’ll find yourself in a much better place. Although it’s cliche, it’s true. Sure, life sucks sometimes,.. However, as you take the time to see beyond what life throws at you, there really is a lot to be thankful for and hey, maybe it really isn’t all that bad. It doesn’t take a lot to be happy- no amount of fortune, material, or anyone- just you and your own positive mind. And that’s where you’ll discover the world of happiness, rainbows and unicorns! It’s obviously easier said than done, but we gotta start somewhere and it doesn’t matter where. (: Okieeee enough blubbering now..



1) Home

I am thankful to have somewhere to return to every night. To have a roof over our head during the cold, winter storms, and a protection from all the dangers of the outside. Many of us don’t realize what a blessing it is to have a place called home, a safe shelter, when in reality, such a significant portion of the world’s population aren’t fortunate like us.
(Not sure how this picture relates, I just thought it was pretty LOL.)




2) Health

We take for granted the most basic things in life. We complain about the trivial stuff- be it the guy who cut you off on the road, some horrible teacher giving out horrible assignments, and like so and so said this and that about you, I don’t know you have it all. Well, why don’t we take a second and relax. With the problems aside, you are still alive and breathing aren’t you? As years slowly pass by, I’ve witnessed many of my loved ones suffer with illnesses. It really breaks my heart, but at the same time, I’ve learned to really value my health. I was born a healthy baby, raised by a caring family, and privileged enough to wake up every morning and not have to worry about breakfast, lunch and dinner. This isn’t something I overlook anymore.



3) Family

It’s getting real cheesy isn’t it? Get ready for more mozzarella and parmesan. Okay, I love my family because I know they will always be there. They’re the ones that love me unconditionally, no matter what. I admit I’m not the loveliest, sweetest daughter in the world. From time to time, I do bicker, show impatience, and even as horrible as explode my stress at home.. and perhaps I have some symptoms of princess syndrome too. (What can I do, I am an only child. :P) Oh my, now that I think about it, I really am a terrible child. We really do hurt the ones we love most.  Wait, how do they even deal with me? And care for me regardless of everything? (I’m getting a little teary here..) I seriously can’t ask for much more..



4) Friends, Blogilates Community

Time to show my buddies some love too. To be honest, being academically driven for my Grade 11 year, I have been pretty socially isolated. I’ve drifted away from many of my friends and it’s quite awkward now with a lot of them haha.. There are a few that I’m still close to though and you know who you are. (: I mentioned that I’m not the loveliest daughter, and I’m definitely not the loveliest friend either. I can be picky, moody, annoying. These friends that I’m closest with are the ones exposed to this ugly side of mine, but ironically, they choose to stay by my side. No words can express my gratitude for them.
I hope my friends don’t kill me for posting pictures without their permission. :’D


(Guess who’s me again, it should be easy now!)

On the other hand, I got really engaged in the Blogilates community this year. Who knew stumbling across the torturous squat challenge one bored summer day on Youtube would bring so much more? Cassey is one of my biggest inspirations, and seeing her channel and now business grow so big really makes me a happy. Proud to say I followed her since call me maybe! (I’m still saving up for some some of her bodypop active stuff/ Blogilates merch. Who wants to sponsor me? ._.) Anyways, there’s this sorta really amazing Blogilates app she developed with sorta really amazing people. Basically a health and fitness version of Instagram, but unlike most social media with the negativity, this community is nothing but encouragement and inspiration. It is where girls can get together with the same goal and empower one another. Honestly, people I know personally don’t really share the same interest in health and fitness as I do, so it’s nice connecting with the all the POPsters out there.



5) Opportunities
2014 brought some good opportunities! I’m grateful for all of the experiences I had this year, through all the ups and downs.






going to different places..
eating all the delicious food..
(okay I should stop.)


.. and I also had the opportunity to started this blog. (: 




“New year, new me!” haha jokes. Why go with the idea of drastically changing yourself purely because it’s a new year? I do have some New Year’s resolutions to make- the typical ones that I will actually try my best to adhere to. Not because it’s a a new year, but because I want to constantly work towards an improving myself as a person. So it’s not a “new me”, instead, it’s a “better me”. ^-^

1) Have a positive mind. I want to be a person who contagiously spreads happiness. Afterall, life is too short to be anything but happy. In 2015, I will stress less, be grateful, and just really see the light in every situation. I’ll try to be more patient, tolerant, and understanding, and love the people I’m lucky to have in my life. I will learn to overcome challenges with a positive attitude, and without shadowing any negativity on others around me.

2) Explore the world. This year, I want to try new things, travel to new places, and meet new people, instead of just staying at home, constantly studying.. I’ll go beyond my comfort zone and really be out there, because I know the world is big and full of endless possibilities. 

3) Stay active, nourish my body. Of course, with health and fitness being such a huge part of my life, I had to throw this one in here. I want to stay active not just in my workout, but to actually go outside and get moving, which means less driving (well getting driven that is), and more walks in the park, jogs, hikes..! In terms of nutrition, I will continue to feed my body with healthy foods– lots of vegetables, fruits, and wholesome goodness.

4) Enjoy myself. I’m gonna stop caring so much about what others think and really focus my own feelings and goals. I will rock that leather jacket, put on that red lipstick (if my mom  changes her mind and lets me LOL), and just do whatever the hell I want! (Given that I’m not hurting anyone and being mindful of any consequences haha.) I’m gonna be myself, and I don’t need anyone else’s approval. On the aspect of healthy living, well.. I will eat that slice of cheesecake, who cares if it has zero nutrition? It’s all about balance and moderation, and indulging once in a while is very much healthy for the soul. So basically, cheesecake is healthy too. 😀

5) Capture the memories. I take a lot of pictures (of food) already, but despise being in them. This is probably a result of my low self-esteem and well, I’m just not very photogenic.. 😛 I kind of regret not having more pictures of myself, especially from special occasions and events. Although the memories are there, sometimes having a good photo to flip back to is awesome too. And continuing with the “who cares” from previously, who cares if I look derpy right. A bad picture is better than none at all.  (Sounds familiar?) So selfies.. here I come!

6) Continue to learn. I am not perfect, and neither are you. (No offense. ;D) I’m simply figuring my way through life, a journey that comes with many trips and falls. I will pick myself up and learn from my mistakes, hopefully to become the best that I can be.



Some specific goals I have for 2015..

– get my learner’s license

– complete Grade 11 with a 3.8 GPA.. (wish. me. luck.)

– apply for a part-time job in the summer

– read more books



Cheers for a great year past, and an exciting one ahead!




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