Christmas 2014

I’m still taking in the fact that Christmas has past.. but no it can’t be.. Christmas can’t be over already..! *whimpers in grief* Well, Merry Early Christmas, we’re only 359 days away and it’s never too early to celebrate am I right? (:
Christmas this year was subtle, and literally zipped through in seconds. I’m probably most festive person in my family, but this time around, we went by the holidays rather silent on spirit. Ugh, I blame school and everything..


I didn’t even get to put up my nifty miniature white tree. :C #throwback (I never even took down my wreath, garlands, and snowflake decorations from last year though LOL.) 



Christmas in the Community

[12/13/2014] After writing a theory exam in a community center, I noticed the beautiful holiday decorations that I had missed on my way in- perhaps I was too nervous. 

Later that day, I went and volunteered at Shadbolt’s Seasonal Celebration. It was an amazing event so full of holiday vibes, with the live performances and Italian-inspired arts and crafts. I helped out at the holiday cards station and seeing all the adorable kids having fun really brightened up my day.

Look at all the cute gingerbread houses displayed! 




Christmas at School

[12/17-12/19/2014] It has pretty much become a tradition between my friends to give out yummy treats. during the holiday season. I’ve always baked cookies but this year with the overwhelming load of exams, it just didn’t work out. Nonetheless, I wanted to prepare a little something for my friends, so I filled up goodie bags with Hershey’s kisses, Pockys (because I’m that Asian but come on, who doesn’t love pocky?), and of course, candy canes. The assembling of these take a while, at least like an hour or two.. I say it’s totally worth it though! Since I didn’t have the time to go out and shop, I wanted to thank Mama Rae for driving around town, buying all the supplies for me. 

Of course, there was some receiving proceeding the giving hehe. I had a good belly full of cookies everyday during the last few days of school. 


By the way, you should bug Naomi for a recipe of these nuts & seed cracker thingys she made, they were soooo scrumptious.



Our fabulous librarians organized a Christmas party exclusive to the library volunteers, lots of fun festive snacks! (And a prize draw that I obviously didn’t have the luck to win.)





Our school set up a Christmas tree this year, that made being there a lot more tolerable. 



Gift Shopping

[12/20/2014] I’m actually not a last minute Christmas shopper, I promise.. On a typical year, I would probably have your present ready the day after Halloween, if you’re special that is. If not, then no present for you at all heh. C:< Metrotown had their pretty holiday decor up for so long and I only saw pictures of them, which it only goes to show that I haven’t been out and in fact studying over the weekends.. (In front of the computer with Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and Bloglovin’ tabs opened!)




Days leading up to X-mas..

Pretty much spent at London Drugs counting pills, yay for work experience!



On the bright side, they have cute decorations in the lunch room. 😀



I did go to the Vancouver Christmas Market with Tray on Monday though. Read about it here~



Christmas Eve

The Eve was spent with Mama Rae. She was leaving for vacation (to the US East Coast- Boston, New York, yup without me..) so we did our gift exchange then.

When we finished dinner, we decided to head to Stanley Park for Bright Nights to see them pretty lights. We didn’t get to go on the train though because all the tickets were sold out. ):




Christmas Day

Woke up super early to open presents get some homework done before Christmas dinner with Papa Rae and Grams at Aunt Li’s house. It was so nice to have everyone gathered together to celebrate! My cousin Chris and her hubby is visiting from Ottawa, my other cousin Kei, who works in Victoria, also came back.. and along with Mie, I got to finally spend some time again with all 3 of my lovely cousins.



Yummy yummy food..


Steamed Fish :: Steamed Lobster :: Roasted Veggies {carrots, potatoes, brussel sprouts} :: Braised Abalone & Sea Cucumbers {abalone, sea cucumbers, broccoli, mushrooms, black moss} :: Kabocha Edamame Stir-Fry :: Chinese Broccoli :: BBQ Spare Ribs :: Seafood Platter {surf clams, jellyfish, octopus}
It’s no secret that I was in a major food coma.



Oh wait, there’s dessert too!


Italian Panettone


Blueberry Pie




Another round of gift exchange, much fun..! Since I’m “growing up” and stuff, my relatives usually just give me money for birthdays and Christmas.. it’s seriously quite exciting when I get to actually open presents haha.

Cousin Mie and Chris ordered these gorgeous, delicate handmade necklaces for each one of us to have. They’re all unique, but connects with the same bottle concept, how sweet is that!




Boxing Day

Homework in the morning.. and when Tray got off work in the afternoon, we hit Pacific Center! No way we’re going to Metro.. ._. We also shopped around Robson/ Granville, but honestly there weren’t any extraordinarily good deals. Maybe for electronic and high-end, luxurious products, but it’s not like I can afford those even with discounts.. xD

Nonetheless, some damage was done at Forever 21.. oh F21… and erm online too. ._.


We dropped by Robson Square to use the bathroom (is this TMI?). The snowmen look kinda evil don’t they..?


And then we went to La Casita, Mexican food is love.. (Check out my review here!)





Post-Christmas Partay!

[12/28/2014] Tray, Angie, J, and I always plan some sort of “gathering” aka party/ potluck for special occasions or just over breaks. Although this year’s Christmas gathering was after Christmas, with all the Christmas songs, awesome decorations that Tray still had up around her house, we were definitely still in Christmas mode.


Log channel for extra warmth ahah.

Since the start of a hectic Grade 11 year, we’ve all been so busy and haven’t had much time to spend together. I had a great time chilling with this amazing group of close friends- finally got to relax from all the stress and cancer that comes with s.c.h.o.o.l. & life in general.

Layered Salad- Tray’s beautiful artwork {spinach, apples, corn, cucumbers, avocado, egg} :: Wings :: Cheese Rolls :: Cocktail Sausages (mmm, thanks Angie!) ::  Vegetable Casserole a second healthy number by yours truly {zucchinis, bell peppers, tomato & basil sauce} :: Coconut Tarts :: Mushroom & Sausage Tarts (presented by the one and only pastry chef, J), etc etc.. Another food coma indeed.


And more presents! Thanks everyone for the thoughtful gifts. ^-^




Despite the difficult juggle between schoolwork, work experience, and music theory, I had a splendid time this Christmas! I hope you all did as well. (: Now wish me luck in recovering from post-holiday blues..



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