La Casita

[11/26/2014] After a hardcore 5-hour Boxing Day shopping trip in Downtown, Tray & I headed to La Casita to restore our energy. 😛 Naomi loves this place, and Naomi’s recommendations never disappoint.



The Restaurant

La Casita is a Mexican restaurant located in Gastown, serving up authentic Mexican cuisine and also drinks in their bar. They also have a taco shop on Robson. I’m not sure if it was just the holiday, but the streets were rather empty and it was kinda creepy walking in that area lol.. Unexpectedly during dinner hours, the place was also pretty vacant when we arrived, with their bottom floor completely unoccupied. Again, it may have been that people were still lining up at Future shop buying a new flat screen TV or crowding around Forever 21 haha..



The Food


Anyways, we were warmly greeted by a waitress and picked a nice window seat. Moments after we placed our order, a basket of Complimentary Tortilla Chips & Salsa arrived: These chips were delicious and fresh, and you can definitely taste the quality difference between them versus the bagged Tostitos. (No offense, Tostitos.) The two salsas we got were medium salsa and salsa verde..? I’m just guessing because they didn’t say much about it and I was too lazy to ask. The salsa verde was refreshing, but a bit bland for my taste buds.. Tray loved it though! I much preferred the subtle kick in the medium salsa. Apparently, Naomi got some guacamole instead of the salsa verde on her trip, I’m very jealous.. Warning, highly addictive. I had to convince myself to stop eating these in order to save room for the entrees, only to return back to them, continuing to stuff myself until my stomach couldn’t handle it anymore. x’D The crispy goodness, in combination of the flavourful salsa was just on point. (5/5) [Why am I rating a complimentary dish? Because they were that good.] 
Suiza Chicken Enchiladas (small- $13): It was a little embarrassing ordering a small to share, but definitely a wise choice because their portions were pretty big. (Thanks Naomi for the heads up.) You have the choice of filling- texas-style (beef), chicken mole (Mexican curry), and suiza (chicken or veggie). We picked the suiza chicken because the waitress said it’s a local favourite, and we weren’t a big fan of the chicken mole, the Mexican favourite, from our La Taqueria experience. Basically, for all the small Plato Fuertes, you get 2 pieces, and with the large, you get 3. Unless you order solo, these come with a side of rice, beans and salad. 

When our enchiladas came in sizzling hot, we dug in right away. I was anticipating some stringy, melty cheese, but unfortunately didn’t get that. The cheese was a bit tough despite the temperature, and as it cooled, it became more weird and chewy.. The baked tacos were delicious- the tortillas were soft and thin, packed with lots of tender, moist, chicken. However, with just the chicken, it was a bit plain.. perhaps some veggies inside would be interesting.The rice on the side was well-seasoned, nice and fluffy, and the we both extremely loved the super creamy refried beans.I found the salad, a mix of some cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, onions, green beans a bit too sour, but I would’ve liked more of it as it was a good contrast was against the richness of the enchilada. Definitely a great value for the price! (4/5)


Churros ($3): I never actually had churros before because I know they’re super sweet, so not really my taste. However, Tray was reminiscing over the ones she got at Disney and I was okay stepping out of my comfort zone to finally try them. They are authentic and freshly prepared, so who knows right? Uhh nope, one bite into it and the overload of sugar.. just yuck. The actual donut had a great texture though- airy on the inside with a crunchy exterior. Since I backed away after just a bite, my opinion would be biased, so this is Tray’s rating. (3.5/5) 



Final Thoughts

We really enjoyed our meal there, it was satisfying and of such great worth. The service was also great- the staff were very nice, and keen on filling up our water too. Definitely looking forward to coming back. c: (Hoping for some guac next time hehe..)


Food: 8.5/10 
Service: 10/10 
Value: 10/10 
Ambiance: 8/10 
Total: 9/10
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