Vancouver Christmas Market

[12/22/2014] The Vancouver Christmas Market is a must outing during the holiday season, to fill your heart with all sorts of warm Christmassy joy. (Despite the ridiculously cold temperature on a typical Vancity winter night.) My first visit here was 2 years ago, but I knew I had to come this year again , especially after spotting a great Groupon deal.




The Event

The market has the heart of German traditions, but there were vendors from other European countries too. Not only is there great food, but there are also booths selling gifts and beautiful, cultural crafts. It’s a relatively small space (it’s not comparable to the Richmond summer night market :P), located at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza, just a few minutes walk away from the Stadium-Chinatown, Granville, and Vancouver City Center skytrain stations. 


Tray & I originally planned to go on Saturday, but then realized that the Groupon is only available for Monday- Thursday. The event only ran from Nov. 22nd- Dec. 24th, so we were a bit late in noticing this. With most of our schedule filled up, we had to accommodate by going on Monday night after my first day of work experience

We arrived at the place at around 6pm, mentally preparing ourselves for a long line. Yup, it was long all right, circling off two corners around the block. After about almost an hour wait, we finally got in at 7pm ish.






The Food

Our first stop was of course the Glüehwein Hut. Now obviously, Tray & I are both still minors so we couldn’t order the famous German mulled wine (in 2 years though, for sure.. ;D), but the Groupon came with apple ciders (+ the awesome mugs) so we went to grab those. With the sight of crowds at all the busy vendors, we decided it was a good idea to split up. So while Tray lined up for the ciders, I headed off to buy us some food.


I browsed around the market, and noticed that there wasn’t a lot of variety of food.. definitely less choices than my last visit. I settled on Das Schnitzelhaus first, which seemed like a popular choice. 

(Don’t be fooled, pretty much all the German vendors had this sign ahah.)

The menus are all relatively simple, a good thing because Tray & I are both very indecisive people.. no kidding. Since neither of us had schnitzels before, I ordered the classic German schnitzel ($14) to try. The other choices were Jäger schnitzel, basically the same as the German schnitzel, but with a mushroom gravy, and schnitzel wraps.

A schnitzel is basically a cutlet- the ones they had were pork. Props to the guy pounding the meat, he was literally breathless and sweating.. work it work it! (By the way, I’m really not a huge meat eater so I apologize for the undescriptive comments that proceeds haha..) These were freshly pounded and fried as soon as you order them, so they were certainly hot and crispy. I’m a picky eater, we should all know that by now, but I enjoyed this. Even after being thinly pounded, you get a good amount of pork in every bite, and it wasn’t coated in grease like a lot of deep fried foods tend to be. The humongous piece of schnitzel came with a pickle and slice of lemon, and on the side was a coleslaw and a potato salad as well. This was pretty good overall, but we both agreed that $14 is a bit on the expensive side for a rather average taste.. The food is always overpriced at special events thought so we weren’t complaining or anything. (4/5)

Tray returned with piping hot ciders just when it was finally my turn to order. It was close to a 40 minute wait for the schnitzel! After we got the it, we went to one of the standing tables to enjoy our food. It was a very dim-light setting, so shoutout to Tray who held her phone’s flashlight to make it possible for me to get a picture. Terrible pictures are better than none. :’D

The apple cider tasted not much different from regular apple juice, just with some cinnamon flavour and about 10 times sweeter lol.. (3/5)

You can’t leave the Christmas market without some sausages, the Germans love their sausages! Because we already had pork in the schnitzel, we opted for the Bavarian smokie ($8.50), a blend of pork and beef, at the Black Forest Delicatessen. This was served in an average, untoasted bun that had an odd chewy texture.. but topped with delicious caramelized onions and sauerkraut. The sausage itself was not bad.. Again, I’m not much for meat to begin with but Tray raved about the tenderness, juiciness, and crisp outer layer of it. (4/5)



It was past 8 after our hotdogs, and we didn’t want to miss out on our carousel rides so that’s where we went next. 

We had a spectacular time releasing the children within us. c: (Guess who’s me?)

We were both pretty full but wanted more food. I mean, we came all the way here, so we have to leave with more than just two things in our stomachs right? Ukrainian Crepes & Borsch had a long line earlier (it was then close to 9, the closing time ) so we decided to check it out. They offer a selection of sweet and savoury crepes, and borscht, as their name suggests. As a dessert, we picked the Berry Addiction ($11) and really didn’t expect much, but we struck with a bit of surprise. 


The crepe was thin, light and soft, distinct from the Japanese style, with generous filling of sweet blueberries paired with an interesting flavour contrast from the sour cream cheese. My only criticism is that it was a little awkward to eat towards the end though as the blueberry juice poured out, we were practically slurping the liquid to keep it from spilling. xD (4.5/5)


Tray & I ended off our night nibbling off the yummy crepe on our way back home. We had an amazing time, though we wish we could’ve came earlier. More walking around, absorbing in the holiday spirit and exploring the German culture with the arts and crafts, and less lining up, worrying about our growling bellies, and rushing to get out before everything shuts down. I’m looking forward to come back again next year though! 




Hope everyone had an unforgettable Christmas this year! 



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