NOTD // Christmas Eve

Can’t believe it’s already Christmas tomorrow, where has the time gone? Follow me today as I bite my way through Christmas Eve. c:



Morning Snack

Before my morning workouts I always like to grab some fruits for quick energy. Today I had a bowl of beautiful, juicy raspberries. I have no idea how Mama Rae managed to find perfectly sweet berries during this time of the year, when they’re totally out of season.. she’s magical! 




Strawberry Banana Oatmeal { rolled oats | strawberries | banana | chia seeds | pumpkin seeds | almonds }


It should be no surprise that I’m having oatmeal.. read about how I like to make my oatmeal here. This morning, I went for the strawberry banana combo, yum! Technically speaking, this isn’t considered “breakfast” because I already broke my fast but you know.. 😛






Fava Beans on Veggies :: Cheesy Omelette { light mozzarella }  

Didn’t have a mid-morning snack because I was still full from my later than usual breakfast. Usually I eat breakie no later than 8, but when I finished my workout (which by the way, was lots of fun- a medley of Blogilates videos!) it was already past 9. I had some leftover fava beans from the can that I opened for my lunch prep for work experience, so I just had that with some vegetables, an omelette and topped with salsa! Somewhat Mexican inspired now that I think about it. 



Afternoon Snack


Carrots, Celery & Hummus
Haha hummus again.. Well in my defense, I actually haven’t had hummus for daaaaays, like almost a week, woah. To compensate for my obvious deprivation, I doubled it. Double the hum, double the yum. C’:






Lobster :: Garlic Cilantro Scallops :: Broccoli, Bell Peppers :: Wild Rice & Quinoa Mix


Dinner was a total seafood feast! The lobster and scallops that Mama Rae made were simply steamed- very healthy but super fresh and delicious.




Bedtime Snack


Sweet Potato Fries

I got a little hungry again, so I decided to bake some sweet potato fries. They’re seasoned with a salt-free herbs & pepper seasoning, mmm!



Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, if not, then just have a wonderful day/night wherever you are!



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