Healthy Holiday Treats!

This time of the year, I’m sure we’re all craving some delicious, comforting treats fresh from the oven. Christmas is right around the corner, but festive treats don’t always have to be a splurge. Try some of these recipes for a healthier twist on things!

I’ve compiled a few yummy desserts that you can make and enjoy without feeling any tad bit of guilt, because they’re all relatively nutritious! These are from amazing bloggers that never fail to enlighten me, and hopefully you love them as much as I do. I have yet to try these recipes myself, but I thought I would just share them with you guys anyways, in the time for the holidays. (: 



Classic Fruitcake by Amy’s Healthy Baking

Feeling for some cake? Give Amy’s fruitcake recipe a go- a moist cake infused with brandy (there’s a nonalcoholic version, not to worry if you’re a minor like myself :P), and a mix of dried fruits. I mean, just look at the beautiful colours, how could you resist? 



Gingerbread Cookies by My New Roots

Gingerbread is such a classic Christmas flavour, and gingerbread cookies are certainly holiday favourites. This recipe by Sarah recreates the same delectable treat, using much better for you, wholesome ingredients.



Festival Baked Oatmeal by Pure Ella

I love oatmeal, and baked oatmeal is always fun! Ella shared this recipe of a baked oatmeal that has a burst of orange, and some dried fruits, nuts and cranberries. What a great dish to start off Christmas morning with! 



Healthy Holiday Trifle on Hello Natural 

(originally by Nourish & Inspire Me)

Stephanie from Hello Natural shared a beautiful recipe from Nourish & Inspire Me that pleases both your taste buds and body. This dreamy holiday trifle is layered with a custard, jelly, fruits, spongecake, and topped with whipped coconut cream, mmm!



Sugar Cookies by Edible Perspective

Here’s another cookie recipe for you! Traditional sugar cookies are simply loads of butter, sugar and flour, but these gluten-free, refined flour and sugar free versions won’t disappoint either.



Dark Chocolate Clusters by A Couple Cooks

This one’s for all my chocolate lovers out there! I’m not a huge chocolate person myself, but dark chocolate is an exception. These chocolate clusters are mixed with a festive combination of pistachios and cranberries, but be careful though, I know I would have one too many if they’re out.



Peppermint Fudge by My Whole Food Life

Peppermint is another Christmas staple. These peppermint fudge are completely clean on their own, but if you’d like, top it with a bit of crushed candy canes– just a little won’t hurt you haha.


As you can see, there are definitely ways around classic foods that aren’t the best for you, so no excuse! These healthier desserts can satisfy your sweet tooth just as well as the original ones, no problem. Choices here and there can transform an unhealthy recipe, into something else that your body will thank you for. Likewise, every decision you make will only benefit or put a toll on yourself, it is up to you which path you take. In the end though, balance is key, so please don’t forget to really enjoy your time with your friends and family! Afterall, Christmas, or whatever you celebrate, only comes once a year. It’s a valuable opportunity for everyone to get together, celebrate, and appreciate the value of having each other. Just be mindful while indulging and get right back on track afterwards. ^^
Special thanks to Amy, Stephanie, Sonja & Alex, and Melissa for kindly allowing me to use their stunning photos in this post! I just love this blogging community that’s so full of inspiration and encouragement from one another.

Happy Holidays! 

One thought on “Healthy Holiday Treats!

  1. Reblogged this on Cookies and Chemistry and commented:
    Merry Christmas Eve, friends! Enjoy this lovely compilation of great holiday treats on Rachel’s blog, Moments with Rae. I’m loving how she hit all of the main holiday dessert staples while noting that not every sweet bite needs to be a big splurge.

    Hope you are all enjoying the evening with family, friends, and/or food 🙂


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