Work Experience!

We are required to have at least 30 hours of work experience upon graduation, and entering Grade 11, students are given the option of finding the minimum 30 hours by themselves or doing a field-specific 90 hour career prep placement. I chose the latter, since I’m going into pharmacy and wanted to look for an opportunity that focuses in that area. 

The first part of my work experience has 5 8-hour work days, and is spread across winter break. I’m both nervous and excited to finally enter the “real”, working world. (just without the pay haha.. homegirl has yet to applied for a part-time job. :P) I’ll be working at a local London Drug pharmacy, assisting the pharmacists there with simple tasks like counting pills, checking inventory, etc.. A teacher will  also be dropping by and assessing me sometime during my placement. A number of people have already finished their week of work there, so I have a vague idea of how things will go. From what one of my friends who said told me, lunch will be apparently very awkward, the things they ask you to do are in fact very easy, although repetitive, and when the teacher comes, yeah more awkwardness..



The day before…

Prepped some healthy lunches for the next 2 work days! Baked salmon fillet, mixed veggies, and hidden underneath that, there’s some baby spinach and fava beans.
The dress code calls for formal attire- so I borrowed a few pieces from Mama Rae’s wardrobe. We’re the exact same size haha. Slacks yay. From the white collared shirts she picked out for me, she seems to really like ruffles and stuff.. Not exactly my style but, it’ll have to do. 😛




The morning of…

[7:25am] Well, I should’ve started my workout half an hour ago but I’m uploading pictures (the ones you saw so far) haha.. now for my workout..

[8:00am] Just finished my workout! Today’s toning so I did my go-to Freeze & Squeeze workout from Fitnessblender. It’s only 30 minutes but you can definitely feel the burn. I’m still super sore from Saturaday’s workout (result of not exercising at all for a week due to school D: ) so I felt it all right.

So yeah uhm, I guess Mama Rae and I are not exactly the same size. The shirt fits well but the slacks are too long and a tad bit loose. I wonder how she wore them because I’m taller than her.. Weird bulge where the belt is.. but it’s better than tripping. xD And why do I feel that I look more like a conductor than a pharmacy assistant.. 
[8:20am] Breakfast yay! Don’t know how I manage to be running late everyday, despite waking up literally before the sunrise.. I basically jammed in everything into my oatmeal (pear, strawberries, chia seeds, flax seeds, raw almonds, pumpkin seeds) today because there’s only a 30 minute lunch break over the entire shift which means no time for snacks. ): I wish I could’ve sat down and enjoyed this huge bowl of deliciousness, but I ended up chowing it down in like 10 mins.. #dailylifeofrae

[8:40am] Heading out the door eeeeeeeps. And wow its so foggy today..

[8:55am] Awkwardly waits for the store to open..




Okay. It was a hectic day, really. “Easy and repetitive” was a lie. There was so much going on and so much to learn. I’m also very clumsy and forgetful, and horrible at the alphabets even after all my library monitor years.. what a disgrace. (Sorry Ms. Tassi & Ms. Calli!!) But all those weird chemical names ugh.. all the bottles and pills look identical, seriously.. I basically work at like turtle speed (but “accuracy over speed for students” is expected so meh), and I feel like a bother with all my questions (Where does this go again? Where do I circle the number? What’s this number for? Where is this? How many copies do I need? How do I know if _____. omg halp meeeee.) Most of the time, the pharmacists are so busy that I don’t even know who to ask. I think they were all relieved when I finally got on my break, and cried a little inside when I returned haha. The staffs were all very nice though, and tried to assist me in between everything they’re doing which I truly appreciate. (Man they’re so patient, I don’t think I can deal with someone like me.) It’s depressing seeing the long lines and huge stacks of prescriptions.. kinda silly, but I didn’t expect so many “sick” people. I wish everyone was safe and healthy especially because it’s around this holiday season, and things are supposed to be all Christmas and fun and joy. /:
Mama Rae was already in the parking lot waiting for me when I got off. I left a little later because time just went by so fast. It did not feel like 8 hours with all the tasks, and it’s quite impossible to ever get bored. After quickly going home and changing, we picked up Tray and headed to the skytrain station. Then we went downtown to the Vancouver Christmas Market. We had a blast! (A post for it will be up soon of course.) 
[11:45] Got home at around 10:30, settled down, showered, did some paperwork, and well now, finishing up this post. Hm.. I should probably get some rest, don’t want to miscount pills tomorrow. I haven’t made any major mistakes yet, and let’s just hope that doesn’t happen at all for the next 4 days. Goodnight everyone! 

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