Asakusa Sushi

If you’re around the Metrotown area and wanting sushi, you would probably automatically head to Sushi Garden. There’s a number of sushi restaurants along the street, but Sushi Garden seems to be the crowd’s favourite right? Well today I was getting my Christmas shopping done with Addy, and for lunch, having read some positive reviews, I suggested to try Asakusa Sushi. 



The Restaurant

Asakusa Sushi is a small Vietnamese runned Japanese restaurant, located conveniently across from Metro, and merely a block away from the ever so busy Sushi Garden. It’s quite unnoticeable among the chain of stores on Kingsway, and awfully quiet during weekend lunch hours.. seems like a Plan B..? 
(just look at them avocados.) 



The Food 

Nah, Asakusa Sushi is definitely my Plan A now. 
Seafood Salad ($6.30): I was pleasantly surprised to find the generous amount of seafood- salmon, tuna, imitation crab meat, octopus- atop the bed of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. There was waaay more substance than other seafood salads  of similar prices, with the slices being almost sashimi-sized! The vegetables were fresh and crisp, and went well with the dressing, which was a combination of spicy and tangy. I find that there was a bit too much dressing (I usually go without), it’s my bad though, because I meant to ask for it on the side and forgot.. (5/5)
Veggie Roll ($3.25): I regretted ordering this as soon as I saw the massive salad, and the veggie roll was giant as well, stuffed with cucumbers, radish, yam tempura, lettuce, and avocado. After two pieces, I just gave up stretching my stomach and ditched the rice for the rest. (Didn’t want to takeout because I still had more shopping to do.. xD) (4/5)
Dinner Combo 1- Chicken Teriyaki, California Roll, Miso Soup ($10.00): Addy went for one of their dinner combos (yup, dinner combos are served all day), which consists of Chicken Teriyaki, a California Roll (blurry background in veggie roll pic), and miso soup (hiding somewhere outside the frame). First of all, the California Roll was huuuge. Although it came with 6 pieces, Addy said it felt more like a 8-piece portion. The picture of the chicken teriyaki doesn’t really do it just because I took it from the back so it basically looks like a plate of bean sprouts.. While there was in fact a lot of bean sprouts (no rice, by the way, which Addy was complaining about the whole time :P), there was still a decent amount of meat and tempura (shrimp, yam, eggplant). Addy was satisfied with the chicken teriyaki, but he liked the crispy tempura more, and was particularly intrigued by the eggplant tempura. I was too- it’s not the most typical tempura ingredient.. at least it was his and my first time seeing it served. As for the miso soup, Addy’s not a fan so he didn’t drink it. But I mean, it’s just miso soup haha, not much to say about it anyways.. (4/5)



Final Thoughts

We both had trouble finishing our food, and were pretty much stuffed after so obviously, their portions were impressive. (Next time, I’ll probably be good with just one thing..) The food is worth your bucks, that’s for sure! After being a faithful Sushi Garden advocate for years, I think I’m now converting to Asakusa Sushi. Plus, there’s no line-up hehe. 


Food: 8.5/10 
Service: 8/10 
Value: 10/10 
Ambiance: 7.5/10 
Total: 8.5/10
Asakusa Sushi on Urbanspoon



PS- Please don’t mind the iPhone quality, shopping with a DSLR is just not ideal. 

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